The declassification of documents regarding the Carter Page FISA warrant and other files involving James Comey, Andrew McCabe and a cast of thousands was ordered by President Trump.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner just sent a letter demanding people defy the President and delay release of those documents. The following article includes a copy of that letter.

They are literally claiming that the gang of eight has the authority to direct the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence agencies to withhold information from the President. Actually, not the entire gang of eight, this letter is only signed by Democratic members of the gang of eight. This is more than desperate, it is absurd. If this was THAT important all the members of the gang of eight, not just the Democrats should have signed it.  Now it is nothing more than a highly partisan document signed by desperate people.

It is now impossible for the MSM to ignore these documents when they are released. If they didn’t matter, why bother?  Even in news rooms at NBC and CNN smarter heads are snapping to attention.

In addition, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, in spite of the best efforts by Democrats.  The same people who were demanding the public release of any and every document ever within 100 yards of Brett Kavanaugh are now demanding federal agencies withhold critical intelligence from the President of the United States. This is so bad that even liberal justices may join in condemning a move so obviously unconstitutional. I doubt that Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, who just may be the deciding vote, will be very impressed.

They only possible explanation for an act this desperate is that these documents are really, really bad. Remember, the gang of eight has already seen the unredacted documents. They know what is there. They know these documents are nothing less than bombshells. They will prove that Sean Hannity was right all along, and the entire Russian collusion investigation was a hoax. They will prove that the self-righteous hyperventilating by the MSM fueled by leaks from Democrats, was all based on a lie. Even some of those talking heads are likely to be furious at Democrats. A lot of people are about to be embarrassed. The witch hunt is over and attention will be focused entirely on those hunting witches.

The people who run CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS will be forced to take some action to restore credibility. This is the worst failure of American journalism in our nation’s history and it is about to be put on full public display for all to see. The only question is whether these talking heads on the liberal networks were complicit in a hoax or merely incredibly stupid.

This reminds me of a boss who owned a Ford dealership. He told his sales staff that if they drank on the job, they should drink beer and not vodka. He preferred his customers to think of them as drunk rather than stupid.


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  1. We the public continue to recieve tantalizing and damning information about the swamp, when are the shoes going to drop?

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