The latest desperate attempt by Democrats to slow down the Kavanaugh confirmation is doomed to failure.  This is nothing more than absolute proof that Democrats will do anything, and I do mean anything, to regain political power.  It is beyond despicable.  It is also a monumental error. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. If Democrats thought this was bad for them before, they have just made it much worse.

Let’s assume that Judge Kavanaugh is not like the rest of us and he is not fuming at the Democrats pulling this stunt. Let’s assume that he is that rare human being capable of setting aside his own personal feelings and still make fair decisions regarding people he despises. Let’s assume that unlike Democrats, Judge Kavanaugh will make decisions on the facts and the law, not personal feelings and emotions.

Even if all that is true, which is far from certain, Democrats have made a huge mistake. They have put on a man on the Supreme Court, in a lifetime position, who can never forget the significant of what is going on. A man who knows that Democrats do not care about the constitution or the law. That they have no interest in dealing with any issue with honesty and fairness. That they are incapable of compromising with anyone or anything that does not conform to their opinion of political correctness, even when such opinion runs directly counter to their own previously held opinions on the same subject.  They are interested in one thing and only one thing only; personal power. They will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.

In his many years of service as a judge, Brett Kavanaugh has dealt with many other people who share this set of values, or I should say, lack of values. We call them criminals.

Democrats may not even recognize it when it happens. It may be a case that seems so innocent. It may show up in a carefully wording phrase in a legal opinion, largely overlooked by the vast majority of people. But, at some point, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will make a decision that will be devastating to Democrats. Not because he is filled with bitterness and hatred, although that would be more than understandable. Not because he is seeking revenge, although that too would be explainable. No, he will make this decision because he has been confronted with the sad reality that one of our political parties is now dominated by people who do not consider themselves subject to our laws and our constitution. He will make this decision because he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this country cannot survive if people like this ever regain political power. He knows that, under the current leadership, the Democrat party itself represents a clear and present danger to this country.

Any he will be on that court for the rest of his life.


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