Several years ago I was working as an expert witness with regard to a claim improperly denied by the insurance carrier. The attorney representing my client was not optimistic. I recommended he depose one particular person, who happened to be a general counsel for the insurance company. He resisted because he didn’t think that would clarify anything. But I had noticed that she was copied on a denial letter. Finally the attorney reluctantly filed the notice of deposition. The results were instantaneous. After three years of denial the insurance carrier folded and sent the insured a check for $500,000. The attorney was shocked.

I explained what happened to him. I realized that there was no way that general counsel would allow herself to be deposed regarding a conversation she had with an adjuster. She would consider preserving attorney client privilege to be far more important than this claim. She knew that if she testified, under oath, with regard to this conversation she would be setting a precedent the insurance carrier could not tolerate.

We may have a very similar situation regarding a meeting in the White House. This has been reported by Joe DiGenova. It is important to understand that DiGenova knows people who know people who know things. He was a former U.S. attorney. He is on a board with Former FBI and CIA Director William Webster and former U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti. He was retained by the New York State Senate to investigate Governor Eliot Spitzer. He led the prosecution of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and was the principle Assistant U.S. Attorney during the prosecution of John W. Hinkley. He is a part of a very small community of insiders.

Now he is saying two things, that if true will change things overnight:

He is reporting that Mueller has told close friends that he was handed a bunch of crap with regard to alleged collusion and he has found no evidence of collusion. That seems very possible. He says Mueller will probably indict someone else for lying to the FBI but will bring no charges regarding collusion.

He says that there was a meeting in the White House on January 5, 2017, with Joe Biden, Sarah Yates, Susan Rice, James Comey and Barack Obama to discuss targeting Michael Flynn. I doubt that he would make reference to such a meeting if he didn’t have evidence. He also says that says that James Baker, former FBI General Counsel is cooperating with an investigation. The people protecting Biden and Obama will never let anyone testify with regard to what exactly was said in that meeting. This means that someone, probably Sally Yates or James Comey may be in serious danger of being thrown under the bus. The guardians of the throne will sacrifice anything and anyone to prevent this from landing at Obama’s feet. They can’t throw Biden under the bus because he is too close to Obama.

This is now perilously close to Obama. Hitting the panic button is a real option.

NOTE:  In March, DiGenova was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist because he said there was a brazen plot to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and to frame Donald Trump with a falsely created crime.  Right now, DiGenova looks more like a prophet, or at least someone with insider information than he does a conspiracy theorist chasing mythical unicorns.

Joseph diGenova Conspiracy Theories About FBI and DOJ


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