Sometimes all we see or hear comes from the Main Stream Media. While FOX is slightly more balanced, it doesn’t present the entire picture either. For example, if you watch Hannity on Monday and you watch Hannity on Friday, you will see the same people saying the same things and nothing will change.  To give Hannity credit, he has reported stories other people ignored and he has been proven more right than wrong. But, that does not change the fact that his show is largely repetitious.

It is increasingly obvious that even the MSM has given up on finding Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. They have given up on Mueller saving them from Donald Trump. That is why the NYT ran that stupid Op-Ed and the talking heads on CNN pretended this was immediate grounds to remove a President. We are now to the point where hating Donald Trump’s personality is sufficient cause to remove him from office.  That Op-Ed helps Trump, because it shows we have a President who refuses to be dominated by the permanent establishment. Those steady hands are really people committed to staying the course on a foreign policy that was not working.

But just because you can’t see beneath the surface does not mean there is no movement. Still water often does run deep. Serious things are happening and if you look closely, that surface is starting to show signs of movement.

Ironically Omarosa may have helped Donald Trump by playing another of her tapes on the View.

Here is what Trump actually said:

“I think Hillary is getting killed right now with Russia,” Trump says in the tape. “The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion.” He claims that then-White House communications director Hope Hicks told him Clinton paid $9 million for opposition research, which resulted in the infamous Russian dossier. Huckabee Sanders corrects him, saying it was allegedly closer to $6 million.

“Did you see?” Trump says. “Nobody knows who spent it. No, I heard it was nine. I heard it was 5.7 but now they say it was nine.” He then claims that the money was allegedly paid through a law firm so it couldn’t be traced. He is insistent that the money came through illegal campaign contributions. He never cites a source or provides proof of this. “It’s definitely illegal, and it’s illegal from a campaign standpoint, from a campaign financing standpoint,” Trump says. “So the Russia thing seems to have turned around, don’t you think?”

The press response is typical, the only thing that matters is that Trump got the $9 million wrong.  This is like someone talking about Jeffrey Dahmer and saying he killed twenty people. This is immediately corrected to point out that Dahmer only killed seventeen people, apparently implying this is less of a crime. The Clinton campaign did funnel campaign funds to people from Russia in a deliberate attempt to influence an election. There are almost certain to be some very serious people investigating this.

We are now starting to see a steady release of critical documents. Each of these documents is further evidence of the real conspiracy within the DOJ and the FBI to collude with the Clinton campaign and Russia to influence the election. These are being released for two reasons. One is that the truth is becoming too obvious to ignore. But the second may just be that the investigations done by the FBI and the DOJ are complete. They may be past the point of investigating and close to the point of announcing indictments.

There is a lot of evidence that still water runs deep and that eventually all the debris is going to surface.


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