The Kavanaugh hearings may have a major, unexpected, impact on the mid-term elections. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the extreme liberal left. This element of the party is absolutely delusional. They have put tremendous pressure on Chuck Schumer to derail the Kavanaugh nomination. They realize that if Kavanaugh is confirmed conservatives will dominate the Supreme Court for decades. This is a worst case scenario for them.

This explains why Schumer has become increasingly hysterical. It is why he is screaming impeachment. It is why he even shut down the Senate in a failed attempt to derail the Kavanaugh hearings. It is why he coordinated the silly games being played by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. But the problem for Schumer is that he is doomed to fail and the liberal left will not tolerate defeat.

We have already seen long term Democrats, considered to be in safe seats, defeated in primaries by poorly funded candidates from the extreme left, socialist, wing of the party. There may be no safe seat for a Democrat who loses support of the liberal left. The extreme left does not believe in capitalism, they believe in socialism. They only believe in elections if they win. They don’t believe in compromise and they can’t even spell tolerance. The only way to satisfy them is to give them exactly what they want. They want Kavanaugh defeated. They will only accept a Supreme Court justice to the left of Ruth Ginsberg. They don’t want excuses they demand results. Logic, compromise and common sense are not even in their vocabulary. They don’t care how hard Schumer works to defeat Kavanaugh; they only care whether or not he succeeds.

When he loses, as he must, they will hold him and every current Democrat in congress accountable. They won’t switch and start voting for Republicans, but they also won’t turn out in droves to support Democrats either. If anything, they are likely to protest against both parties. Those people screaming and yelling during the hearings today are not going to be enthusiastic about supporting the people who let them down.

On October 26, 1986 Bill Buckner misplayed a routine ground ball. Some people believe it was the primary reason the Boston Red Sox lost the World Series. Boston Red Sox fans never forgave him. He even received death threats. That was only Boston Red Sox fans and it was only a World Series. It doesn’t compare to the sense of loss the liberal left will feel when Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed

This is so bad that the mythical blue wave may literally turn into a red tide. Donald Trump and Republicans are winning and Democrats are striking out in the biggest game of all. It is still 60 days before the midterms, but right now momentum is all on the side of Republicans and it would be foolish to ignore that.

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