The liberal left had a grand time last week elevating Senator John McCain, who they despised, into national hero status, solely because he hated Donald Trump. The problem is that one can only have so many funerals and McCain is finally buried. While the MSM will desperate try to keep the myth alive for a couple more days, the reality is that McCain is dead and the only thing the MSM accomplished was to make Donald Trump, who wasn’t even invited, the entire focus of McCain’s funeral.

The MSM cannot resist the blatant politicization of every possible tragedy. They just can’t help themselves. If the people chosen to speak at McCain’s 14,000 memorial services had just stuck to praising him for his own accomplishments, perhaps they could have impressed. But instead, almost every speaker seized the day to launch barbs at Donald Trump. Although, to be fair, one serious problem is that John McCain has few real accomplishments. He is like the Paris Hilton of the Senate, famous for being famous.

Yes, he did survive several years captivity in North Vietnam. So, did a bunch of other guys. Some of them, real heroes, were awarded the Medal of Honor. McCain got the medals that were the standard issue to every POW. The rumors about McCain breaking under pressure and making propaganda tapes for the enemy happen to be true. The source for these rumors, among other things, is McCain’s own book.

John McCain was mostly famous for being John McCain. In many cases this came from him snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when conservative Republicans were on the verge of success. The latest, and most telling example was when he voted against the repeal of ObamaCare, even though he supported the repeal of ObamaCare, because he wanted to thumb his nose at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump primarily ignored the death of McCain. He didn’t say anything nice about McCain, because anything he said would have been turned against him. Also, because Trump is far more honest that the traditional politician. He despised McCain and that didn’t change with McCain’s death.

Others, like George W. Bush, Joe Biden and Barack Obama, who all hated McCain, developed instant amnesia in their rush to the microphone for the opportunity to bash Donald Trump. It was not love of country or admiration for a great American hero that united these political rivals, it was their mutual hatred of Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most appalling performance was by George W. Bush. Obama’s treatment of Bush was horrible throughout his presidency. In many cases policy decisions were based primarily on reversing anything done by Bush. Yet, Bush refused to speak out against Obama, saying that he owed his silence out of respect for the office of President of the United States. That all ended the day Donald Trump was elected. Bush is obviously seething with hatred toward Donald Trump and he takes cheap shots at him at every opportunity.

What all of them, and I do mean all of them, are missing is a simple fact. If Donald Trump is the focus of every conversation, then Donald Trump is the one dominating the agenda. If Donald Trump was not considered a serious threat to the political establishment, they would have ignored him. But the opposite of love is not hated, it is apathy. The liberal left has a love/hate relationship toward Donald Trump that makes it impossible for them to ignore him. Recently they have foolishly tried to demonize his supporters because they cannot comprehend the fact that some serious and intelligent people like the way Trump is performing his duties as commander in chief. These are not delusional idiots, those are the ones marching along side antifa. These are your neighbors, your friends your relatives, who judge Trump, not on the obviously flaws with his character but rather on his raw talent for getting things done.

John McCain is finally buried, and he isn’t coming back. Donald Trump is alive and well and still President of the United States. No amount of shameless posturing by the liberal left nor fawning over this embarrassing sacrilege by the main stream media changes anything. There is an old saying, if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, does it still make a sound. The answer is applicable both to the liberal left and the MSM: yes, it still makes a sound, but no one listens, and it doesn’t change anything, it is just another dead tree.


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