Is Trump really disgusted with Jeff Sessions? Is Jeff Sessions really a pathetic excuse for an Attorney General too weak to deal with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein? Is he oblivious to corruption and collusion between top officials at the FBI and the DOJ regarding the Clinton campaign? He would have to be really stupid to miss this and he would have to be totally unprincipled to ignore it.

Is Trump afraid to fire an Attorney General he despises? Is he willing to tolerate the never-ending Mueller Investigation while no one, including his own Attorney General, is even glancing at Hillary Clinton? This is inconsistent with everything we know about Donald Trump. He is, after all, famous for firing people.

For quite some time I have wondered if we weren’t watching a show. This just seemed a little too public and a little too choreographed. What if Jeff Sessions is doing exactly what Trump wants him to do? What if this is all an act to give Sessions cover to do the real investigations and to elevate his credibility?  It turns out I am not the only one who thinks this is possible.

As President Trump and A.G. Sessions go back and forth, the DOJ is in fact investigating the Clinton Foundation.  Furthermore, the DOJ is also looking into the FBI and the Clinton emails case.  And there are further reports from Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

So what happens if the new candidate for Time person of the year, the new darling of the left, drops a huge nuclear bomb down the road about the Clinton Foundation?  What if there are indictments?  Or what if A.G. Sessions concludes that the FBI investigation of the Clinton emails was a farce and takes corrective action.

We do know this. Jeff Sessions has been extremely strong regarding using the DOJ to effectuate the Trump Agenda. We know that there are secret investigations by both the IG and a secret unit headed by John Huber.  There are hints that big things are happening. There was a strange visit of an FBI plane to Little Rock Arkansas.

Witnesses describe loading evidence boxes. A 757 is a huge plane and this apparently made two trips.  Some speculated that this involved evidence collected from the Clinton Foundation.  The FBI responded by saying this was in connection with a drug task force raid.

Note that the FBI did not deny that the plane was carrying evidence regarding the Clinton Foundation. It just said that there were tactical teams present to assist in the arrest of multiple defendants because of a drug-trafficking organization. It is a classic non-denial, denial.

This was a joint operation with state authorities, so it seems unlikely that an FBI 757 would be required to relocate evidence boxes. It seems even less likely that it would need to make two trips. We really don’t know, and that is the point. We know something is going on, we just don’t know any of the details.

Donald Trump once said that the sad truth was that we needed someone like him, who had lived in the swamp and knew how the swamp worked to fix things. Almost all of the negative stories about Donald Trump’s personal life are true and none of it matters. What does matter is that he IS President of the United States and, so far, he seems to take his duties seriously.

There are no perfect people on this earth and sometimes we desperately need highly flawed people uniquely capable of handling impossible situations.  This is why, when history is written, Donald Trump is likely to be compared to people like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Abraham Lincoln was considered to be the worst possible choice for President, including by his own party. His own cabinet literally plotted to ignore him and run the government themselves in spite of his accidental presidency. We now know that Lincoln was perhaps the greatest President we ever had. The civil war was horrible beyond imagination, yet ultimately it was the civil war that made us the country we are today.

Winston Churchill was the worst possible choice for Prime Minister of Great Britain until circumstances made him the only choice. Today it is hard to imagine Britain even surviving without him.

In both cases these were highly flawed people, but they were also people uniquely equipped to deal with the impossible. Both faced severe opposition, including from the main stream media of the day. Both found a way to by-pass the media and go directly to the people. Both men were consistently underestimated by their opponents. Today, no one even knows the names of the men who were so dedicated to opposing Abraham Lincoln. No one knows the names of the men who so despised Winston Churchill. The people opposed to Donald Trump are destined for the same fate. History always rewards those who actually do things and it always ignores those whose only role is to get in the way.


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