The impeach Trump crowd has been cheered on by the dog whistle blown on a daily basis by Carl Bernstein. Bernstein is famous for taking out Richard Nixon. To liberals he is a hero who destroyed the worst President in U.S. history. Honest historian would call that an illegal coup removing a President from office primarily because you didn’t like his personality. Nixon’s biggest crime was winning re-election by a landslide. The liberal left literally hounded him from office without regard to the consequences. Among other things, those consequences led to us throwing away our victory in the Vietnam War.

But the liberal left never bothers to research the truth about things like this, so Carl Bernstein was elevated to Patron Saint level. When Bernstein said he had the goods on Trump, well nothing else mattered. Except that Bernstein didn’t have the goods, he doesn’t have the goods and he was embarrassingly wrong.  A really good reporter would have known better, but Bernstein foolishly went all in on the nonsense being spewed by Lanny Davis, without realizing that Michael Cohen had testified, under oath, saying the exact opposite of what was now being reported.

It appears as though Davis went off half-cocked before he had an opportunity to thoroughly interview his own client. Thus, Davis reported what he wanted to believe, only to discover that almost everything he was saying was wrong. At least Davis had the moxie to publicly admit he was wrong. He also admitted that he, and he alone, was the source for Carl Bernstein.

Everyone, other than the clowns at CNN who went all in on Bernstein, realizes that the story reported by Carl the magnificent was total BS. It is not unusual for CNN to run stories that end up being false. What is different here is that Bernstein went with a story he KNEW was false and he is insanely pretending he is still right.

Bernstein is done. His credibility has been shattered. His last chance at redemption would have been to admit he got it wrong and apologize. But Bernstein, like a lot of liberals, is incapable of admitting or even recognizing error. As a result, the only thing certain is that Bernstein can never be trusted to report the truth about anything. Virtually everyone in the MSM has figured this out. CNN may figure it out too, eventually, the questions is whether any viewers will be left to notice.

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