If you read the New York Times or you listen to Governor Brown, this is the hottest summer in the last 10,000 years. The earth’s temperature is soaring because of CO2 levels and we must all abandon straws and drive electric cars to save the planet. Obviously most people don’t buy this, because if they did there would be a run on those silly hats that have tiny umbrellas attached.

It is hotter, because we surround ourselves with man made things that absorb heat. This is easy to understand. Is it hotter sitting on the grass or in the middle of a road paved with asphalt? This may be obvious to you, but to the global warming alarmist crowd, not so much. Which is making it hotter, CO2 or paving over football fields?

Two much CO2 is dangerous. Many studies show that if CO2 levels approach 4% that is a problem. People start to show symptoms like becoming dizzy or get headaches. 4% seems pretty low, until one realizes that the current level of CO2 is .04% or 400PPM. 4% would be 40,000PPM or 100 times the current levels. No one is predicting anything close to that. Right now there is concern that CO2 levels may skyrocket to 410PPM.

It turns out that there are people studying the effect of increased CO2 levels in a closed environment. They grow pot for a living.


People who grow weed in greenhouses know all about increasing CO2 levels. They sometimes increase them to 1200 or even, gasp 1500 ppm, which is 3 to 4 times the naturally occurring level. It actually costs a lot of money to generate the additional CO2, but the marijuana plants love it. It makes them grow faster, bigger, stronger and it even reduces the odor.

This does not raise the temperature in the greenhouse, because adding CO2 to a closed environment does not raise temperature.  If anything, supplemental heat is required. What it does do is allow the pot growers to increase heat because plants love CO2 and adding CO2 only makes plants tolerate higher temperatures.

In other words, the “greenhouse effect” promoted by global warming alarmists, doesn’t actually work in real greenhouses.

Do these Pot heads wear moon suits while working in these greenhouses? Don’t be silly. They are far more likely to suffer from the effects of smoking the stuff than from increased CO2 levels in the greenhouse.

So, while the world does appear to be going to pot, there just may be the side benefit of exposing global warming alarmists as being more delusional than potheads.


2 thoughts on “GOING TO POT

  1. Thank you for bringing this subject forward! I’m getting so tired of hearing about global warming and climate change being factual. It’s said that if you repeat a lie enough times, people will start taking it as truth!

  2. So, when the fed removes the class 2 narcotic drug restriction on pot & legalizes it several things will occur. First, banks will be able to accept transactions and the money will flow, and tax collectors will smile; jobs in pot sector will increase because the money will flow, and growers will be encouraged to expand their enterprises to make the money flow and support the symbiotic relationships between other local businesses, and finally if they grow the stuff outside it will be a long term solution to global warming since you pointed out this it the exact circumstance it thrives in…unless we smoke or ingest it all 😉

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