Omarosa is putting on quite a show. The MSM media is eating this up big time. She could get more air time than Stormy Daniels. She better make a ton of money in a very short period of time because she is becoming one of the most toxic people on the planet. She is literally destroying herself on national television. My guess is that her only hope for a future is to run as a Maxine Waters class of candidate in one of those ultra-safe Democratic districts, but I suspect even the most liberal democrat will hesitate to be associated with this clown.

Ironically, she actually is doing serious harm to President Trump.  Not because she was fired from her White House position, but rather because she was hired in the first place. None of her accusations have an ounce of credibility. She has already been caught lying about nearly everything. The tape of John Kelly firing her is only proof that he was more than justified in firing her.

Omarosa has left a trial of debris everywhere. None of this should have been a surprise:

When news broke that Omarosa was fired by the White House, Robin Roberts said: “Bye Felicia” on Good Morning America.

Piers Morgan said that getting the chance to get Omarosa fired again would be a public duty on behalf of all Americans.

Donald Trump has hired Omarosa on several occasions, each time ending with a meltdown similar to what we see today. One can understand that, on shows like Celebrity Apprentice, because even though everyone hated Omarosa, she did draw viewers. In her case, the primary attraction was the opportunity to see her fired again.

My guess is that she was given a meaningless position in the White House, with no access to President Trump and zero responsibility to try and delay the next scene of the Omarosa act. At some point, her performance, even at this gift position, was so bad that General Kelly had enough and fired her. His big mistake was thinking that Omarosa would be intimidated by threats that she could could face criminal prosecution for her unethical behavior. Omarosa clearly doesn’t care about minor things like potential criminal prosecution. That is why she literally recorded a conversation in the Situation Room, well aware that this was a major breach of White House security. Like I said, the real question is not why she was fired, but rather why she was ever hired.


2 thoughts on “AT THE WHY?

  1. I’m inclined to consider this is noise, smoke, and mirrors to distract the MSM from a bigger bombshell to drop….coming from a channel near you…stay tuned; this is riveting!

  2. There are certainly hints about this. It could be almost anything, including some surprise indictments. There is a story about a mysterious DOJ plane picking up docs in Little Rock. The FBI gave the following explanation: “Tactical teams were present in Little Rock this week to assist in the arrest of multiple defendants in an operation that dismantled a significant drug-trafficking organization,” Secret investigations are seldom disclosed until indictments are reported. There are several Clinton related scandals that could warrant criminal prosecution. Any of them would be a bombshell.


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