For quite a while, I have suspected that Rod Rosenstein is doing exactly what Donald Trump wants him to do.  The following article on AOL offers some strong evidence of this:


Note that Trump and Rosenstein apparently talk on the phone at least twice a week and Rosenstein visits the White House several times a week. It is reported that he briefs President Trump’s team before any major news announcement. When asked about Rosenstein, Trump said: “We have a great relationship. Make sure you tell them that.”

Trump is a master showman and perhaps he pretended to be furious at Rosenstein to provide him cover while he was actually cleaning the swamp. No one in either Party has accused Rosenstein of covering up for Trump. Yet I can think of no instance where Rosenstein took anything resembling a shot at Trump. He simply said he would do his job and follow the evidence. The liberal left interpreted this, as they interpret everything, to mean that Rosenstein was out to get Trump too. But what if the opposite was true? How would we know?

The answer is that we would look at the results. The results are stunningly in Trump’s favor. There hasn’t even been a hint of evidence regarding the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. All of that stuff reported in the MSM has come from unnamed sources who may not be aware of what really happened. In the meantime, all the top officials at the DOJ and the FBI opposed to Trump have either been demoted or fired. None of them are in a position to influence anything. We can assume that many of the “leaks” containing negative information of Trump came from these guys. In every case Trump was able to just swat these away leaving the MSM with egg on its face. It seems quite possible that all of these people were being shielded from the real investigation and were only given the information that Trump wanted them to have. This lead the MSM to produce several obviously fake news stories that only made them look more desperate. In the meantime, none of these people have any power within the FBI or the DOJ at all. At least some of them are facing serious jail time.

If Rosenstein was truly out to get Trump, then he appears to have achieved the exact opposite result. This means he is either hopelessly incompetent, or he has been doing exactly what Trump wanted him to do all along. While the MSM has been waiting, breathlessly, for Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller close in on Trump, Rosenstein and Mueller have been draining the swamp. Even if Manafort is convicted, which is far from certain, this investigation turned up several other swamp people, like Tony Podesta, who were quietly turned over to local prosecutors. The more serious investigations are the ones you know nothing about.

The odds of Trump being charged with anything are Nil. The odds of him being accused of collusion with Russia are Nil. The odds of him being charged with obstruction are Nil.

The Manafort trial is supposedly the culmination of the Mueller investigation, but Trump isn’t even being mentioned. Neither is Russian collusion.  Instead we have a very wealthy man who probably did cheat on his taxes being charged for things he allegedly did long before he was involved in the Trump campaign. The government is attempting to prove this with the testimony of someone who already plead guilty to cheating on his taxes and lying to the FBI, and by the way, embezzling funds from Manafort. Good luck with that.  Manafort could easily be convicted, but he could also walk. Either way, it will have no impact on Donald Trump other than to exonerate him from any hint of collusion.

This I realized something very important. If Mueller was really out to get Trump, he would have put Republicans on his investigative staff. He would have done that, so no one could have accused him of a partisan witch hunt. The make-up of his staff only makes sense if he was out to drain the swamp and he didn’t want the real targets of his investigation to catch on until it was too late.

What we do know at this point is the Mueller came, he saw, Trump is still standing, and the bodies of the swamp creatures are piling up.



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