The Last Days of Pompeii is a fictional novel written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1834.

It was based on a real-life event, when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79.  There is actually a contemporary report on the event in a letter written by Pliny the Younger who saw the eruption from a distance.  Pliny the Elder, his uncle, was an admiral of the Roman fleet who died trying to rescue residents of Pompeii.

The homes and people of Pompeii were frozen in time when the eruption buried the entire town under volcanic ash.  Although the town was destroyed in AD79, no one realized the town had been largely preserved until 1748 when a group of explorers discovered that under the debris, Pompeii was still there. Today Pompeii is a tourist attraction.

In 63 A.D. there was a massive earthquake that modern scientists now believe to have been a warning that Mount Vesuvius was going to blow. No one living there at the time seemed to get the message.

In many ways this was similar to the results of the testimony by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Democratic Senators and RINO Republican Bob Corker had been watching too much CNN. These arrogant, ignorant fools stupidly believed the irrational rants of the delusional liberal left. They clearly intended to “expose” the incompetent naivety of the Trump administration. Instead they ended up exposing only themselves. It was clear from the start that Mike Pompeo was the adult in the room and those people foolish enough to challenge him looked like spoiled incompetent children few would trust to run a Car Wash.

Those who ignored the force that is Mt. Pompeo ended up making asses of themselves and providing immortal examples of people, frozen in time, who should never be trusted with power. If you want to see this historical event for yourself, following is a link osted by Fox News.


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