It has become increasingly obvious that the real problem facing this country is the politicization of intelligence. It started when Barack Obama either directed or at least tolerated our intelligence agencies interfering in a National election. I know of no previous case where this happened. There has always been a strong rule against the politicization of our DOJ and our intelligence services. Both Democrats and Republicans should have quickly responded to even the hint of this. Democrats ignored this because the President was the adored Barack Obama. Republicans have been hopelessly inept at pursuing this issue.

The main stream media should have been alarmed by even the hint of this, regardless of who was President. It is unthinkable. However, they ignored problems with Obama even more than they exaggerated problems with Trump.

The recent comments by John Brennan show extreme prejudice toward Donald Trump, including prejudice against him now as President. That is totally unacceptable. That should be really obvious, even to the airheads on CNN. The Director of the CIA reports to the President of the United States. It doesn’t matter whether or not the Director likes the President or not. If the Director doesn’t feel he or she can follows orders from the President of the United States, they should resign and inform congress of their concerns. Instead, Brennan is literally accusing the President of committing treason because he didn’t like the way Trump handled a press conference. Give me a break!

To make this worse, the investigation into alleged collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia was turned into a political circus. This is particularly true when documented collusion by the Hillary Clinton campaign appears to be ignored.

The appointment of Robert Mueller was not only unnecessary; it has seriously damaged our ability to deal with the real issue. If Russia was meddling, we should stop them. Both Democrats and Republicans should be in agreement on that. But this is not done by advertising our efforts in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Instead, our counter intelligence people should take on the assignment, quietly and without publicity. That is because if we catch foreign operatives, the last thing we want to do is alert our enemies regarding our tactics and what information we have on them. The single most important intelligence in this country is the knowledge we have regarding other countries. The Pueblo Incident set us back about 50 years with regard to our intelligence activities against the Soviet Union because it told them what we knew about them and how we went about gathering that information.

But Democrats were so pissed off that Donald Trump was elected instead of Hillary, that they turned a critical intelligence operation into a public joke with zero regard to the impact on national security. Every time there is a leak from Mueller’s committee, it damages national security. Mueller has indicted several Russian spies and has provided public details on what we know about them and how we obtained that information. Why? These people will never be brought to trial. Nothing will happen to them, other than a possible very private award from Vladimir Putin. Indicting them will have no impact on stopping other people from doing the same thing. It will just make their job easier, because they know exactly how we conduct investigations and what information we can obtain.

There is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. There are no allegations of any crimes committed by the Trump campaign and certainly no hint of any crimes by Donald Trump. We know this because the DOJ has told us that on several occasions. Even James Comey said that Donald Trump was NOT under investigation.  Insulting Democrats may be rude, but it is not a crime.

Because these indictments are public, Putin has gained critical information on how we operate and what information we know about Russian activities. He has to be laughing hysterically over the stupidity of this.  This is why he graciously offered to have his intelligence people sit in on the interviews of these alleged spies. This is insane. It is the worst possible response to Russian intelligence operations against this country.

Anyone who has actually worked for an intelligence agency knows this. Highly critical intelligence is always limited on a need to know basis. For example when I flew on combat missions, the pilot and other flight crew members were not allowed to know who was in the back of the plane or what we were doing. They didn’t have a need to know.

No one, not directly involved in stopping the Russians from meddling in our election has a need to know.  That includes the DNC, or any member of the MSM. One could argue that the gang of eight has a need to know, but, Incredibly, Democrats have appointed partisan hacks to our most important congressional oversight committees. This is one reason the DOJ has been so reluctant to give them access to critical documents.

The real issue is not whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. Even if that was true, and there is no evidence it was true, it wouldn’t be a crime. The real crime is politicizing a critical counter intelligence operation because the liberal left can’t come to grips with the obvious fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Resisting the President of the United States puts all of us, including the liberal left, at risk. If and when there is evidence that Donald Trump has potentially committed a crime, have at it. Having your feelings hurt is not grounds for impeachment. We get it, you don’t like Donald Trump. Guess what? We don’t like Hillary Clinton. Trump won, Hillary lost. Get over it and move on. This insanity is endangering us all.

In case anyone thinks I am exaggerating with regard to the damage to national security, read the following article:

Russia will try to hack us again.  Thanks to the help from liberal Democrats, Rino Republicans, the MSM, the Mueller investigation and Republicans in congress unable or unwilling to stop this fiasco, next time they will have a much easier job of beating the system. Congratulations!

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