While the main stream media was hyperventilating over the Helsinki press conference, real fireworks were going off in Washington, D.C. No one in the MSM even noticed. Lisa Page testified before congress in closed door sessions for two days. We obviously don’t have a transcript of this testimony, but there are some significant clues. There hasn’t been a single leak from the Democratic side of the house. That is proof positive that nothing she said supported the Democratic narrative. The only reports have been from Republicans who said she spoke candidly and that she admitted that the text messages between her and Peter Strzok meant exactly what they said.

A little research shows that Lisa Page is married with children. Unlike Peter Strzok, she looked genuinely embarrassed over the whole fiasco. She has obviously decided to cooperate and odds are she struck a deal to avoid being indicted. Smart woman. This is a devastating turn of events for several people including: Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Comey and all the other members of the self-righteous fraternity at the DOJ. At a minimum, Page threw Peter Strzok under the bus. While there have been no specific leaks regarding her testimony, Republicans are reporting they have several new leads to follow. In addition, she refused to answer some questions upon advice of FBI counsel. That means there is more information that will surface later.

This has to terrify a lot of people. There are few things more dangerous than an insider who turns state’s evidence. Lisa Page was an attorney working on Andrew McCabe’s staff, so she obviously had access to information resulting from her official position. When you add in the fact that Peter Strzok was telling her inside information on a daily basis, it is quite possible that Ms. Page knows where a lot of bodies are buried. The noose is indeed closing, not on Donald Trump but rather those involved in a conspiracy to resist him.

Don’t assume that Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray are obstructing Trump’s efforts to clean the swamp. Both the FBI and the DOJ had to be embarrassed by the actions of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok. They just may be asking Trump for enough time to handle this themselves. No one really knows what John Huber is up to in Utah.

Trump personally approved the press conference by Rod Rosenstein revealing the FBI indictments. That means Trump knew what would happen, he wanted it to happen and the main stream media may have fallen into another Trump trap. He knew they would over-react and embarrass themselves. This whole thing may have been staged by the master showman. This is also strong evidence that Rosenstein and Trump have a better working relationship than most people realize. I noted that Rosenstein was very careful to state that there was zero evidence of collusion between the Russians and any U.S. citizen.

I couldn’t help but notice that during the Press conference Putin talked about the need to protect the security of Israel. I did some quick research and there are reports that he has agreed to stop Iran from having a presence in Syria and from coordinating with Hezbollah. That would be huge and would be a concession from Russia that few would have predicted.

There is evidence that is already in progress. The main stream media just missed it:


Putin talked about the Russian military cooperating with the U.S. military in Syria. The following article admits that there is at least some evidence of exactly that:


There are numerous reports that Putin has already taken steps to secure the border between Syria and Israel:


It is important to remember that Putin hates terrorists. That is how he came to power in Russia. Trump, unlike Bush and Obama does not care if Assad remains in power in Syria. He is primarily concerned that Syria is not a threat to us and not a threat to Israel. Bush and Obama both wanted to remove Assad, but never offered any plan for someone more responsible taking his place. If Assad is removed there is no guarantee that the person taking his place will be any better. Instead Syria would almost certainly descend into chaos, like Libya, and ultimately some terrorist group, probably sponsored by Iran, would take over. Trump just may have cut a deal with Putin that actually holds the promise of real peace in the Middle East. It is too bad the MSM is too busy accusing him of treason to notice.


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  1. The World has to realize who TRUMP is !!
    Trump is a GREAT car salesman, type who knows how to get along with anybody! He has about 5 seconds to gain “RAPORE “….. Trump is a master in that 5 seconds!!
    Look at 50 Muslum Leaders of Countries all over the world! He sat with Them a few years ago and won them over!
    Now its: Trump and his Pal Putin. He knows all the world leaders by their First name!
    Stand back and watch a PRO make / Gain instant Rapore! All the world leaders know him by his First Name and his huge Grinning Smile!
    To me I see the same thing they taught me at my First Car Dealership !!
    Trump is the leader in that respect!~!
    Watch, listen and Learn !!

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