The FBI had a very bad week. The testimony by Peter Strzok was an absolute disaster. Something had to be done. That makes one wonder if the decision by Rod Rosenstein to release the indictments of twelve Russian military intelligence officers today was primarily an attempt to change the subject.

It is significant to note that there is still no evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign. In fact there is no evidence of any American citizen willingly cooperating with Russia.

There is also no evidence of evidence. The FBI was never allowed access to the DCCC, DNC and Clinton Campaign Servers. The only analysis was based on information provided by CrowdStrike, which worked for the DNC. What is most interesting is the next step. No one is going to be arrested. There will be no trial. Mueller will no longer be investigating this at all. This investigation will be handed off to the DOJ National Security Division where, conveniently, it will disappear forever.


This report does not even mention WikiLeaks. The Guccifer 2.0 material was separate from the Clinton E-mails, DNC Leaks, and Podesta emails and was never released by WikiLeaks. DC Leaks also released e-mails from John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Michele Bachmann along with 18 e-mails from the Illinois Republican Party. The MSM would have you believe that these Russians, assuming it even was these Russians, were responsible for the massive amount of e-mails released by WikiLeaks. That may be what happened, but these indictments do not say that.

While there is an assumption that Russia was trying to help elect Trump, it seems more likely they were just trying to mess with the system. I am aware of no documentation confirming motive. The FBI produced no such evidence. Since there will never be a trial, it is unlikely that any evidence will ever be produced. This appears to be primarily based an assumption that since this hurt Hillary, it was designed to help Trump. There are reports that Russians tried, but failed, to hack the RNC servers. This may be more evidence of incompetence by the DNC than motivation by the Kremlin.

Many experts believe that the sheer volume of e-mails published by WikiLeaks could not have been obtained through hacking. They suspect an insider downloaded files on a flash drive. This is one reason the Seth Rich story is so intriguing.

One thing is clear. At best, while CNN was dreaming of Mueller closing in on Donald Trump, he was investigating 12 Russians allegedly sitting in their underwear hacking the DNC because it was such an easy target. The last time Mueller indicted Russians one of the firms unexpectedly showed up and Mueller had to run for the hills because he had zero, squat, zip, nada evidence. It is easy to indict someone if you know they will never show up for a trial.

Even if this was true, the FBI and the DNC knew about the hacking and did nothing. There is no evidence of willing cooperation by any American Citizen and zero contact with the Trump campaign. This can be described as a lot of things, but zeroing in on Donald Trump is not even on the list.


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