The performance by Peter Strzok before the House Judiciary Committee should go viral. This was beyond pathetic. Mr. Strzok did this with an arrogant smirk on his face apparently convinced that he was nailing it. He not only gave answers that are not possibly true, he gave answers that were patently absurd.

Democrats watching this should be embarrassed. Perhaps I missed it, but I did not hear a single Democrat ask a legitimate question. In most cases they didn’t even ask questions, they just launched verbal over the top attacks on Donald Trump totally unrelated to the subject. Apparently hating Donald Trump justifies anything. It was crystal clear who had the facts and who didn’t care about the facts. I could not identify any Democrat in the room capable of acting like an adult.

The only thing certain is that Strzok is a liar. He was either lying to his girlfriend or he is lying now. Odds are he was lying both times. His claim that none of his decisions were influenced by his bias is ridiculous. The real question, at this time, is why did anyone ever trust this man? I wouldn’t trust him to give me the time of day.

Even if I were a Democrat, I would be concerned because his bias has made it impossible for Robert Mueller to credibly charge Donald Trump or the Trump Campaign with anything. No honest judge would allow any evidence tainted by this man to be used. If the goal was to actually hold Trump accountable, Strzok was the worse possible choice.If anything he has done nothing more than provide a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” with no expiration date. Democrats were too busy slamming Donald Trump and trying to change the subject to notice.

This was so bad it is embarrassing. One would like to think that both Democrats and Republicans will rise above partisan politics when necessary. The House Judiciary Committee should be better than this. This should be a committee that rises above partisan politics. There was no evidence of that today.

This was so bad that even CNN isn’t buying it. I doubt that may people watching this will buy it. Peter Strzok was absolutely shredded by some of the Republicans on that committee. Democrats looked like an umpire with piss poor eyesight. They were too busy spouting their silly hyperbole to realize they were missing a good game.

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