Up until now, Democrats have loudly cheered on Robert Mueller as the champion of democracy while Republicans have been concerned about the obvious bias and aggressive overreach.  Those roles may soon flip, because it is increasingly clear that Mueller will completely exonerate Donald Trump. He will also destroy the myth of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. What will make this doubly devastating for the Democratic narrative is that no one, and I do mean no one, can claim that Mueller was engaged in a cover-up. The contrast between how the Clinton e-mail scandal was investigated could not be starker.

The facts are this. Mueller is finally putting Paul Manafort on trial but won’t be delivering ANY evidence of collusion with Russia. Most of the charges involve acts taken before Manafort was working on the Trump Campaign. The ONLY mention of Donald Trump is the undisputed fact that Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager for a short period of time. At best, Trump was guilty of making a bad hire. When he realized that he fired Manafort.

For months liberal commentators on networks like CNN and MSNBC have gushed over Mueller closing in on Donald Trump. They constantly refer to Trump as under investigation. They really thought Mueller would deliver big time. Instead, he will deliver NOTHING.  Even the indictments against those obscure Russia companies are less than nothing. Mueller indicted them with little or no evidence and some of them called his bluff.  This is so bad Mueller hired an entire team of investigators to handle this. The media assumed these guys were hired to ratchet up pressure on Trump. Smarter people realize they were hired to carry on the investigation of these firms AFTER Mueller closes shop.

Baring a bombshell surprise no one knows about, Mueller is going to close his investigation and he isn’t going to charge anyone with collusion with Russia. The only people indicted, other than Manafort, were George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn. Neither were charged with collision, they were charged with lying to the FBI. None of the Russian firms were charged with colluding with the Trump campaign. Michael Cohen has been charged with anything and it is unlikely he will be charged with collusion either.  Unless Mueller plans to indict someone else he has no evidence of collusion. He has even less evidence of obstruction of justice.

Democrats will be furious, because much was promised, and nothing was delivered. Granted, it was promised by uninformed idiots on CNN, but it was still promised. They were so sure Mueller would deliver the goods they elevated him to superstar status. That will just make his report even more devastating.

A parallel to this is the Chris Davis story. In 2016 the Baltimore Orioles signed Chris Davis to a seven year $161 million deal.

“the Orioles will, of course, be retaining one of the game’s most prolific power hitters, and one who, at age 29, could have many productive seasons left.”

It probably looked like a good deal at the time. This year Davis has struck out 86 times with a .150 batting average. Some predict this could go down as one of the worst seasons ever by a player with more than 500 plate appearances during a year. That contract may look good in comparison to the investment the liberal left made regarding Robert Mueller.


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