I was shocked last week at the record temperatures allegedly headed toward LA. In full disclosure, I am a Northern California guy and I never thought LA was all that hot. But this was ridiculous. It was supposed to be one of the hottest days ever.

My alarm bells should have been triggered. The global warming alarmist crowd is always praying for record hot temperatures. They use the same ritualistic prayer utilized by the anti-gun crowd desperate for mass murder committed by a T Party member wearing a MAGA hat while using an AR15. These people remind me of someone I knew years ago. The best way to describe her was as someone: “Who isn’t happy unless she is unhappy.” We all know someone like that, but, I digress.

My first clue, ironically, was a planned trip to Las Vegas by my daughter and her family. When I saw a forecast of 108 for Los Angeles, I expected a forecast of about 120 for Las Vegas. But when I checked the forecast for Las Vegas, it was pretty normal. I wondered how it could be this hot in Los Angeles without eventually becoming even hotter in Las Vegas.

It turns out LA really isn’t or at least wasn’t that hot. It was just dumb (or convenient) placement of temperature gauges in places guaranteed to yield very hot results.

There are certain people who are similar to a canary in a coal mine. The miners used to take a canary with them. Canaries don’t handle gas very well, so if there is a buildup of gas, the canary quickly drops over dead. The miners notice this and realize it is time to leave. The modern version of the canary in the coal mine is actually a coalition of Democratic politicians too stupid or blinded by raw admission to notice they are saying something insanely stupid. The latest was by Senator Elizabeth Warren who said any head of the EPA had to believe in global warming. Odds are Senator Warren was vacationing in Los Angeles at the time and stupidly believed the temperatures being reported on KTLA5. Since she is certainly not that hot, she instantly chose to blame global warming.


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