The China Syndrome was supposedly when an out of control nuclear plant literally tried melting its way through the earth to China. They made a movie about this in 1979 starring Jane Fonda and Jack Lemon. Fonda played a television reporter and her cameraman who discovered a cover-up of serious problems at a nuclear power plant. The theory was that unscrupulous businessmen would willingly let a nuclear power plant melt down to save embarrassment and a few bucks. It was absurd, if for no other reason than no smart businessman would risk the claims. Even in the movie the reactor didn’t melt down, it just came close.  Instead the safeguards designed to prevent this worked.

Today we have a real China Syndrome. It is the response of the Chinese to the Trump tariffs. Democrats, of course, are desperately hoping Donald Trump loses this one. They are more than willing to sacrifice our economy if it helps them regain power. RINO Republicans are also trying to handcuff Trump, because RINO Republicans are incredibly skilled at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Trump is refusing to accept the status quo where China blocks U.S. companies from competing in China while dumping cheap products on us. This should be obvious to anyone, including Democrats. A few years ago, we had an interesting experience regarding an exchange student from China. He desperately wanted to purchase a souvenir to take home, but everything he tried to buy said “Made in China.” He was frustrated and disappointed he couldn’t find anything made in the United States. He was stunned when he found out that American flags were also “Made in China.” It has been that way for a long time. Take the challenge. Try to find a product, even fish caught off the coast of Alaska, that doesn’t say “A Product of China.” I rest my case.

We all know of American manufacturing firms that went out of business because they couldn’t possibly compete with products produced with cheap labor overseas. The result was that our manufacturing base rapidly disappeared, and we were told by the establishment elite that we were now a service-based economy. In other words, we couldn’t compete with countries like China.

Donald Trump has a different opinion. He said much of this problem was caused by negotiating stupid trade deals. He said he was now going to negotiate putting America first and he would bring at least some of those jobs back. That is already starting to happen. He warned other nations that the United States was ready, willing and able to fight back. The results were predictable. Democrats automatically criticize Trump, because they always criticize Trump. He could cure cancer and they would criticize him to not paying enough attention to measles. RINO Republicans would criticize Trump, because they think they are smarter than him and they realize we can’t win this kind of confrontation. They are right about that, if we have a Democratic President or a RINO Republican President. They can’t grasp a simple concept. If you are too scared to fight back, you are guaranteed to get the crap beat out of you.

The main stream media and the never Trumpers RINO Republicans have this bass ackwards. They fail to understand that Trump isn’t trying to lead public opinion on this, he is responding to public opinion. When he says the U.S. has been treated as the World’s piggy bank, he isn’t telling us how to think, he is telling us he understands how we think. His opponents can’t begin to understand this.

When Trump says we have already been in a trade war for years and we are losing, that is merely stating the obvious. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Up until the Trump era, our trade policies were insane.

The media is also oblivious regarding what will happen if there is a real trade war. They assume that the U.S. will, again, cave, and everything will be worse. If a Democrat like Obama or a RINO Republican was President, they would be right. But the reality is that the American people are 100% behind Trump. We are tired of seeing our jobs go overseas. We are tired of other countries taking advantage of us. I predict that if China starts a trade war with us our response will be like our feelings toward Japan after Pearl Harbor. We don’t like people attacking us. It doesn’t scare us, it unites us. China may, once again, learn the cost of rousing a sleeping giant and filling him with a terrible resolve.


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