Most of us are familiar with the two minute warning in the NFL. Both teams are warned that there are only two minutes left in the half. Obviously in the second half, this means there are only two minutes left in the game. In reality this is nothing more than a gimmick designed to allow one last chance for advertising. I doubt that many NFL coaches are “surprised” by the two minute warning.

I have now come up with my five minute warning. Let me put this in perspective. I used to commute to and from San Francisco every day. Michael Savage was always on the radio for the ride home. He was always entertaining but he also always said something incredibly stupid and insulting. I used to time my commute by how long it took for Savage to say something so outrageous that I would turn him off. It was as predictable as rain, which in Northern California is pretty easy.  If it is between April and November it never rains. If it is between December and March, it always rains. But, I digress.

My new “five minute warning” is regarding CNN. I used to watch CNN on occasion if for no other reason than to hear the most biased possible version of any news story. It was kind of a “know your enemies” moment. However ever since Trump was elected, CNN has gotten progressively (pun intended) worse. It seems to start each day on a mission to find a way to trash Donald Trump as often and as loud as possible. CNN simply cannot report on any story, any time, without resorting to trashing Trump. Hence the five minute warning. If you accidentally tune in to CNN, you have a maximum of five minutes before they will start trashing Trump again.

It doesn’t matter what the story is about. Last night I changed the channel to CNN because Fox was running a non-stop tribute to Charles Krauthammer. While I really liked Krauthammer at some point this was becoming repetitive. So I stupidly checked out CNN. They were reporting on steps North Korea was taking to disarm its’ nuclear arsenal. Miraculously they found a way to spin this as negative about Donald Trump. Unbelievable! Shouldn’t we all want to believe that North Korea is actually keeping its part of the deal? Granted this upsets CNN, because they can’t bear the thought of Trump getting credit for anything, but come on. Any hint of progress in North Korea dismantling its nukes is a good thing, regardless of who gets credit. If you doubt that, just ask the people on Hawaii who thought they were going to get nuked not that long ago.

I thought back about the last few times I stupidly tuned into CNN. I cannot recall a single instance where they went more than five minutes before they trashed Donald Trump. Hence the five minute warning. It has been a long time since I considered CNN a credible news source on any subject. But in the past, they did at least sneak in a few legitimate items from time to time. That has now changed. They don’t even try anymore. If your stomach will take it and you are a glutton for punishment here’s the challenge. Tune in to CNN, any time of day or night, then starting timing. You will quickly see why the five minute warning is so necessary. (Please don’t buy anything from companies who advertize on CNN, because people dumb enough to advertise on CNN are unlikely to  produce smart products.)


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