Most of us remember Eric Garner. Fewer know that the police involved were acquitted of any crime. Very few paid any attention to what happened to the neighborhood because of kinder gentler police tactics.  The people who should be concerned about this development are not white Americans.  We tend to live in nice, clean suburban communities.  Notice in this case that the white people still living there are making plans to leave.  That is often because they have a choice.


Back in September 2016, I wrote a blog warning that if we allow liberals to restrict the way police respond, the results would be devastating for honest black citizens.  Unfortunately, I underestimated the problem:


The results will be devastating, for honest black citizens. Even liberals will quickly decide to avoid any place where black people live, work or play. It won’t be obvious at first, but the results will be there for anyone paying attention. Black neighborhoods will become increasingly black. White neighborhoods will become increasingly white. There will be fewer police, of any color, willing to work in black neighborhoods and black on black crime will skyrocket. There will be no shortage of cops, of any color, willing to work in white neighborhoods, where they are welcomed, even by liberals. Rich white liberals will move into safe enclaves where they can put up fences, road blocks and hire private security to keep the undesirables away. That security, by the way, will be armed.


I would suggest watching the documentary series called “Flint.” This is a city with more than its’ share of problems where good people, black and white, got together and worked together on a solution.  For the record this was done by a black female major working with a black police chief. They worked together to enforce the rule of law and arrest criminals, without regard to race. They didn’t spend a lot of money on new police officers, new training, new equipment etc., primarily because they didn’t have any money. Instead they took the existing staff and gave them a directive to stop just responding to crimes that have been committed. Instead go out there find and arrest criminals. It is transforming Flint.

Watch the episode where police respond to the assassination of white cops in Dallas. Watch how they respond to the shooting in Minnesota and how is was portrayed by the media and groups like Black Lives Matter. The dialog by both the black and white police officers is raw and honest. They have very different views on race relations in this country, but both are united in the importance of focusing on arresting criminals.

It is quite simple. When you have good leaders, you end up with Flint. When liberals remain in power, you get Staten Island.  The color of their skin is irrelevant.


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