The IG report has been released and it is worse than expected.  After the murder of the Jewish athletes in Munich during the Olympics, Jim McKay said that:

When I was a kid my father used to say “Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.”Our worst fears have been realized tonight.

The problem is not that the FBI colluded with the DNC to try and influence a Presidential election. It is not that the FBI hated Donald Trump so much that it started a Russian collusion investigation based on zero facts.  It is not the fact that the liberal left has spent the last eighteen months trying to overturn the results of an election. It is not that Hillary Clinton is likely to escape the consequences of her criminal negligence with regard to the use of her personal e-mail server. It is not even that the Obama administration used the intelligence community to spy on a political campaign during an election. All of these things are true. They are all documented by the facts in the IG report. All of these things are serious problems. But they are not “the” problem.

The “problem” is that Democrats are so full of hatred for Donald Trump that they do not care. They still view this through purely partisan eyes, oblivious to the danger to our democracy.  I cannot speak for other conservatives or Republicans, but I would be just as concerned and outraged if these actions had been done by conservatives and Republicans in an attempt to stop Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I would be equally concerned even though I consider Barack Obama to be one of the worst Presidents in history. I would be equally concerned even though I consider Hillary Clinton to be hopelessly corrupt and incompetent. I would be concerned because the miracle of our democracy is our constitution with the separation of powers, the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power, even when we hate the results of an election.

It is clear that the leaders of the Democratic Party no longer believe this. Neither do their nodding heads in the main stream media. What is desperately needed at this juncture, is one strong Democrat ready, willing and able to stand up for truth, justice and the American way. Instead Democrats dream of Barack Obama, who let this happen on his watch, returning to save the day. The sad reality is that there are no leaders in the Democratic Party today who seem remotely capable of this kind of leadership. I can’t even identify a leader in the Democratic Party who recognizes there is a problem. It is a sad day.

This IG report has legs. The real jury is the American people and they are going to be stunned by the facts. No amount of spin by the liberal left can change the underlying facts. It is impossible to read this report and believe that the FBI was not hopelessly biased with regard to the Clinton investigation and the Trump campaign. It is also impossible to read this and retain even a shred of respect for the integrity of the main stream media. Those days are gone.

These facts can no longer be slow walked and obstructed by the current FBI leadership. They cannot be spun away by the MSM.  If anything, we are likely to discover more facts even more disturbing. The real question is the verdict of the American people. We should learn that in the near future.


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  1. To borrow from a line in a previous paragraph, “hopelessly incompetent and corrupt” seems to fit Hillary’s entire party now! Let’s keep the swamp drain open!!!

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