Jeff Sessions kept his promise to find and prosecute leakers. He clearly was focused on the biggest dog of all. James Wolfe, Director of Security with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (“SCCI”) was arrested on charges of lying to investigators. This is beyond bad. James Wolfe was Director of Security for the SCCI for over 30 years. This was literally asking the Fox (Wolfe) to guard the hen house. It is impossible to overstate the significant of this arrest.

Prior to working the SCCI, Wolfe was an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Armey from March 1983 through March 1987:

A federal grand jury indicted him. Yesterday the entire Senate authorized the SCCI to cooperate with the DOJ. The SCCI was briefed on this Monday and Mr. Wolfe was arrested yesterday. He will appear in court today. The news media didn’t learn about this until he was arrested.

The silence by Senate Democrats, including members of the SCCI speaks volumes. They realize this is beyond bad. They only started commenting after the arrest was made public. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, liberal Democrat from Connecticut, said the charges were “extraordinarily serious and troubling.”

The Justice Department seized the phone and email records of Ali Watkins. Senator Blumenthal admitted this situation was serious enough to warrant violating the freedom of the press. Remember that the SCCI was briefed on this so they know a lot more than we will ever know. They aren’t even pretending this is anything other than a national security disaster of the first magnitude.

There will be an immediate and obvious contrast with the Mueller investigation which has come up with less than nothing. Even if Mueller does find, something, it is unlikely to involve a crime and certainly won’t involve a threat to national security. I think even Democrats will start pressuring Mueller to wrap this up and move on.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, on the other hand, did constitute a risk to national security. That is being investigated by a special unit let by John Huber. While everyone is waiting for the DOJ IG report, scheduled to be released Tuesday, it is Huber that is likely to ask a federal grand jury to indict people.

It is increasingly obvious that Sessions has been on the hunt and when he strikes it is with brutal efficiency. Unlike the Mueller investigation and the House and Senate Committee investigations there have been zero leaks regarding these investigations. They become public when people are arrested.

Ms. Watkins had her records seized by the DOJ in February and it doesn’t appear that she told anyone about this, including her employer the New York Times. We can assume that the DOJ made her an offer she couldn’t afford to turn down. My guess is that there are a lot of people in full panic mode.

This changes EVERYTHING! Democrats and their fawning idiots in the MSM have egg all over their face. While they have been shrieking hysterically about the mythical unicorn of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, they literally missed the crime of the century going on under their collective noses. This is beyond embarrassing, it borders on criminal negligence.

If we start seeing criminal indictments of Andrew McCabe, James Comey and possibly Loretta Lynch and even Hillary Clinton it will become a perfect storm. The obvious bias will only be exceeded by the level of stupidity. Don’t bet against Sessions. James Wolfe held his job for over 30 years. He clearly thought he was immune which is why he wasn’t concerned about lying to the FBI. He was very wrong and he will pay a terrible price for this mistake.

Slate published an article showing that prosecutors were able to quote “Signal” messages in the indictment. Signal is a secure encrypted messaging system used by a lot of reporters who foolishly thought these messages would never be exposed. Just ask James Wolfe about that.

There are probably a lot of leakers and reporters seeking out discounts on “depends” because at least some of them are peeing their pants.


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