Have you ever tried to drain a swamp, or maybe just had to clear a clogged drain? I have done that several times, usually regarding drains in my yard that become clogged with debris. The pattern is always similar. First, you need to find the source of the problem. That is sometimes difficult because a clogged drain can result in an enormous puddle.  Sometimes you need to dig around blindly until you finally locate the drain itself.  Then, once you locate the drain, you start removing the items clogging up the drain. Sometimes that takes a lot of messy work. Eventually the water starts to move.  You clean away more debris, the water starts to drain faster. Then there is the magical point where the cover of the drain is completely cleared of debris. The water starts rushing down the drain and the water rapidly disappears.  At this point, the water rushing toward the drain brings more debris. But you are expecting it this time, so each time the drain starts to clog up again, you instantly take additional steps to keep it clear. If you do it right, the entire puddle is gone and if you keep that drain clean, your yard doesn’t flood again.

Donald Trump is draining the swamp and is following the same pattern. It took him a long time to even find the drain. Then he had to figure out who and what was blocking the drain. He is not an experienced politician and he made some foolish hiring decisions. Some people were merely incompetent. Others were set on sabotaging him. If Trump is good at one thing, he is good at firing people. He now has cleared away much of the debris and the swamp is starting to drain. The biased liberal media is not reporting this yet, but to those paying attention, it is easy to see the water levels falling.

We may be close to that point where the water starts to gush out in a flood. One thing has been obvious for a long time. If the rumors about the political corruption at the DOJ and the FBI were true, there had to be a lot of main stream FBI agents who were furious. They were also frightened. They knew some of the bad guys, but they didn’t know all of them. If you don’t want that coveted job of guarding an airport hanger in Fairbanks, Alaska in January, you better keep your mouth shut. They have seen other agents who had their career destroyed because they failed at internal enemy identification.

There are now numerous reports of agents who want to tell the truth, but they also want protection. They are asking congress to subpoena them, so they can freely testify under oath. If this is true, then we could soon see the slow circling of the drain turn into something that looks more like a shark feeding frenzy. The main obstruction to draining the swamp was the Mueller investigation. It was kind of simple, it was hard for Trump to work on draining the swamp when he was spending so much time and energy responding to an investigation that should never have been started. But now the Mueller investigation is nearly over and there is zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. In the meantime, other people have been working on draining that swamp. The entire top floor of the DOJ and the FBI has been replaced. The real work has been done by people you don’t even know. These people don’t leak to the press and they don’t seek out microphones. They just do their job, slowly and carefully until they are sure they have all the facts. When they strike it will be in the form of referrals for prosecution, indictments and convictions. Only a handful of convictions are necessary before those people currently engaged in covering things up start to run for the nearest exit. I believe we are very near that point.

Draining the swamp is a slow process, until it isn’t.


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