The following article by the Washington Post is a reminder of how liberal Democrats combined with a delusional main stream media to lose a war:

However, the author ended the story far too soon. His description of how the main stream media covered the war was very accurate. So was the scramble for Democrats to find the candidate who could suggest the fastest way to surrender. But the American public continued to support the war and Richard Nixon won re-election by a landslide. He proceeded to simultaneously prosecute the war, turn it over to the South Vietnamese and negotiate a peace treaty with North Vietnam. If Richard Nixon had not been forced to resign, that treaty would still be in effect and South Vietnam would look a lot like South Korea.

The main stream media continued to promote widespread protests against the war, even though Nixon was clearly working to end it. But they did more than that. They began a full-scale resistance to Nixon clearly designed to remove him from office. They could not accept the fact that a man they despised was President of the United States. They turned a third-rate burglary of DNC headquarters into a constitutional crisis. Richard Nixon became the classic example of someone who, just because he was paranoid, didn’t mean people weren’t really out to get him. He did ask the IRS if it could target his political opponents. The IRS told him no! To the main stream media of then and today, Nixon merely asking was a high crime and misdemeanor. When President Obama did this, and Democratic Senators openly demanded that IRS investigate the TEA Party and the IRS did exactly that, the main stream media didn’t notice and when confronted with this, didn’t care.

Nixon was thrown out of office because some of his supporters did an attempted burglary of the DNC. It is increasingly clear that the Obama administration colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to use the DOJ, the FBI and our intelligence services to spy on Donald Trump during the Presidential election. The main stream media is too blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump to consider the possibility that this might actually be a problem.

Once Nixon was removed Democrats in congress refused to let President Ford consider the resumption of bombing over North Vietnam. They moved to cut off all funding for the war and eventually said they wouldn’t even give aid to South Vietnam. The result was inevitable. The North Vietnamese invaded by driving down paved roads with little or no resistance. The Viet Cong were basically ignored because they had been wiped out during the Tet Offensive, one of the worst military blunders, by the Viet Cong and the NVA, in military history.

The United States suffered a humiliating defeat and our veterans were welcomed home with scorn. Even today many people don’t realize that those Vietnam Veterans actually won that war! The performance of our military in Vietnam was overwhelming and it drove the North Vietnamese to decide they could not win. That is why they signed a peace treaty. It was Democrats, led by people like Walter Cronkite who threw that victory away. They were too busy celebrating their victory over Richard Nixon to give any consideration to the consequences on our country. Incredibly they still brag about their courage in resisting an unjust war. Courage demonstrated by burning American flags while smoking marijuana. This was at the same time over 58,000 men and women were paying the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. Then, when the war was successfully lost, this was followed by treating Vietnam veterans as a bunch of naïve drug abusing losers. In realty there was a lot more drug abuse by the anti-war protestors than by combat veterans. We were too busy trying to stay alive.

The loss of the Vietnam War resulted in hundreds of thousands of people incarcerated in re-education camps and millions more being slaughtered in Cambodia. Those inconvenient facts were and are ignored in the afterglow of the rejoicing by the liberal left.

This Memorial Day, please give some thought to those who fought for this country and to the spineless cowards in the liberal left who fought and continue to fight against it. The same jerks who are trying to remove Donald Trump from office and who would also celebrate joyously if either North Korea and Iran successfully obtain nuclear weapons.


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