Barnum’s American Museum operated from 1841 to 1865.  It was wildly popular.  So popular that one problem was with people staying too long.  So, Barnum put up a sign saying: “This Way to the Egris.” These signs were placed all over the Museum.  People who followed those signs ended up at a door.  When they went through the door they found themselves out on the street.

This appears to be a perfect allegory for the path to destruction glorified by the main stream media.  At first the main stream media pumped up Trump, because they stupidly thought he would be the easiest Republican to beat in a general election.  This was like the “vote for the worst” movement during American Idol.  Millions of Americans would vote for the worst performer because they were fun to watch and it was even more fun to watch the judges squirm.  Eventually, when there were only a few performers left, these poor performers were eliminated because there were never enough people willing to vote for someone clearly unqualified.

The main stream media gave Trump all that free publicity because they thought he was the worst possible candidate certain to be defeated by Hillary Clinton. The theory was that even Hillary Clinton looks good compared to a clown like Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination the main stream media launched a vicious campaign to destroy him.  They ran every negative story they could find, including the Vanity Fair tapes.

In the meantime, the Obama administration was horrified.They had already put in the fix to get Hillary “exonerated” for her obvious criminal negligence.  Democrats are not squeamish about electing crooks, if they are Democratic crooks.  As soon as Hillary was safely exonerated, the Obama administration launched a campaign to destroy Donald Trump.  The FBI used an informant to lure lower level Trump associates into situations that had the appearance of colluding with Russia.  They were sure Trump was colluding with Russia, because they knew Hillary was colluding with Russia.  They stupidly assumed Trump was doing that too.  The entire intelligence community was united in spying on the Trump campaign.  This was a coordinated campaign to protect the country from electing this: “vote for the worst” candidate.

Both Democrats and the Obama administration were shocked when Donald Trump was elected.  President Obama was horrified that the American people had just elected someone who promised to reverse his legacy. Whether he gave direct orders or just a discrete nod of the head, the fictional Russia collusion investigation morphed into a coordinated campaign to reverse the results of the election and remove the intruder, Donald Trump, from office.  What could possibly go wrong?

They never dreamed that this day would come.  A day when Donald Trump is standing tall, with the economy soaring, peace with North Korea a real possibility and all the deeply embedded Obama hold-overs being swept out to sea as Donald Trump kept his promise to drain the swamp.

In effect Democrats put up “This Way To the Egris” signs and then stupidly followed those signs themselves.  They may very well end up, out on the street, completely removed from power.  There is an old saying: “If you shoot at a king, don’t miss.” Democrats took a shot at Donald Trump and they didn’t even come close.

We are now only hours ways from this plot being exposed to the world.  The advantage for Trump is that, unlike Democrats, he doesn’t need to make things up.  Democrats did this to themselves.  They thought Hillary had the election in the bag and all of this would be covered-up and swept away.  They were sloppy and left a lot of evidence behind.  Even after they lost, they over estimated their ability to spin this away and cover it all up.  Granted, Trump won the election, but there were still all these soldiers for the cause deeply embedded in every federal institution.  In addition, the liberal courts could be counted on to keep the process moving with increasingly absurd legal decisions by judges more than willing to ignore the constitution and the law for the greater good. The main stream media went into full assault mode with every newscast focused on trashing Donald Trump.

Now, that entire plot is crumbling.  It was built on a shaky foundation consisting of nothing more than absurd lies. What Democrats missed was a critical truth about Donald Trump.  The man who won election by ignoring the advice of the Republican establishment wasn’t about to be influenced by Vladimir Putin. Putin does have a clue with regard to how American’s think and Trump knows that. Trump would never have colluded with Russia because he didn’t think Russia had anything to offer.  In addition, for all his faults, Trump clearly loves this country and when he says: “America First” he means it.  Democrats were blindsided because they cannot even grasp the concept of putting America first.

The truth is coming out.  It has taken a long time and there are still people desperately trying to sustain the cover-up, but the truth is coming out.  It is more than the IG report.  It is more than the brilliant reporting by Sara Carter and John Solomon.  It is more than the nightly Sean Hannity monolog. It is rather the inevitable result of trying to cover up a cesspool of toxic corruption with increasingly thin paper.  This was just like Kilauea.  At some point the volcano was just going to blow.  We are no longer days, weeks or months from the day of reckoning.  This is now a matter of hours.

If you question that, consider how desperately the liberal left is simultaneously trying to cover up the name of the spy embedded in the Trump organization, while James Clapper is explaining why spying on a political campaign was a “good idea.”  They tried to lure conservatives into releasing his name, so they could pull another Valerie Plame.  But their opponents are on to them and although many people know the name, they are not leaking it.  This person will soon be exposed, but not by people like Sean Hannity.  He will be exposed by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

This Way To The Egris.”  It can’t happen too soon.


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