The sun is about to set on the Mueller investigation and this may happen in the blink of an eye.  The goal was to keep this investigation going until at least the mid-term elections.  The theory was that if they couldn’t find something big enough to remove Trump they could at least cast enough shade to create a blue wave mid-term election.

Both dreams have been totally shattered.  Mueller isn’t close to finding something on Trump and the Russia Collusion investigation is boomeranging on Democrats. Mueller may have incentive to shut this down immediately to avoid being personally exposed to criminal accusations.

If you want to have some fun, do some research on Robert Mueller.  There seems to be a history of botching major investigations.  Check out Whitey Bulger and look at the Anthrax investigation.  There seems to be a pattern here of gross incompetence.

Hold-overs from the Obama administration were in an open conspiracy to resist the Trump administration from governing effectively. Some of them even admitted this publicly, but the main stream media just ignored it. They hated Trump too, so they didn’t care.  That would be bad enough, but this turns out to be worse, much worse, than anyone imagined.  The latest and greatest is from John Solomon at the Hill, who is well known for having his facts in order.

While Mueller was Director of the FBI Oleg Deripaska was asked to fund and support an attempt to gain the release of Robert Levinson from Iran.  It obviously failed and today no one appears to know if Levinson is even alive.  Although the decision of the FBI to seek the help of Deripaska regarding this subject is ethically challenged, what is really staggering is the level of stupidity and incompetence.  Seriously?  The FBI “asks” someone like Deripaska to “spend millions of his own dollars funding an FBI-supervised operation to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007.” This has the ugly odor of the FBI trying to bribe someone in Iran to retrieve Robert Levinson. Then, when they think they have a deal, it appears that the Hillary Clinton State Department nixed it.

The Washington Post thought Deripaska was the missing link that would unravel the entire Russia collusion puzzle. They were wrong, which is hardly a surprise:

This morphs from stupid to downright idiotic.  Two months before Trump was elected President, three FBI agents woke Deripaska up at this home.  At least one of the agents knew Deripaska from the former FBI scheme to retrieve Levinson.  They proposed a theory that Trump’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.  Deripaska literally laughed at them and then, when he realized they were serious, told them this was absurd.

Mueller, desperate to indict someone, appears to have targeted a Russian company that doesn’t even exist.  Apparently, he thought the Russians would never bother to show up.  After all they were in Russia and Mueller couldn’t do squat to them. Instead one of these firms hired legal counsel and demanded a speedy trial. The FBI was embarrassed into asking for a delay in the trail because they weren’t prepared to present their case.  Mueller shouldn’t be fired for bias, he should be fired for gross incompetence.  This calls for a remake of “dumb and dumber.

In any event, the Mueller investigation is over. The sun is going down and we are very near the point where it drops suddenly below the horizon.  If you have ever watched a sunset at Key West, you know exactly how that works.  The sun is always at it brightest, just before it drops out of sight completely.


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