I don’t know what Kelly Sadler actually said about John McCain. It seems obvious that she made a feeble attempt at a joke that was in incredibly poor taste. The main stream media, predictably, ran this as the crime of the century. Ignoring all the extremely poor taste jokes by the liberal left regarding conservative politicians. For example, those who openly rooted for Dick Cheney to die.

But that is not really the issue here. The issue is why someone leaked this information and why the main stream media ran with it. I can certainly understand the outage over the lack of class and compassion. But how, exactly, did leaking this benefit John McCain? It didn’t. The man is dying and regardless of our feelings about him, a little respect for his privacy is in order. His wife tweeted the following:

“@kellystadler45 May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

Cindy McCain was right, but she aimed this at the wrong target. Saying this was just plain awful. Leaking it to the media and broadcasting it to the world is far worse. Our strongest condemnation should be directed not toward Kelly Stadler, but rather toward the White House Staffer that decided it would be great fun to leak this to the press. Kelly Stadler allegedly said something in poor taste and she deserves to be held accountable for this. However, the real damage was done by the spineless coward who leaked this to the main stream media and the soulless hypocrites in the main stream media who gleefully ran with the story with zero consideration of the impact on John McCain’s family. Yes, the McCain family should be outraged and upset, I just wish they would aim at least some of this scorn at those who deserve it the most.


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