Time magazine just published a devastating article about the FBI. While Time, predictably blames part of the problem on Donald Trump, it actually makes his case.  It is a devastating rebuke of the FBI:

Incredibly  Time still believes that Russia influenced our election by hacking the DNC servers:

“The bureau missed the significance of the damaging 2015 hack of the DNC database.  And when the Russian operation began to heat up in the summer of 2016, the FBI was always a step behind the Russians, struggling to understand intelligence reports they were getting about possible connections between Moscow and Trump aides.  The bureau also sat on the disputed “dossier” prepared by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.”

The author is still praying that Mueller will some how find evidence that Russia did collude with members of the Trump campaign.  The problem is that the House Intelligence committee has already reported that there is no evidence and no one, including Adam Schiff, has a shred of evidence.

The author conveniently ignored the part about the Clinton campaign colluding with Russia to creat the “dossier.”  It does not mention the FBI’s failure to investigate and take action with regard to the Uranium One Scandal and and the large sums conveniently paid to the Clinton Foundation.  It totally ignores the obstruction of justice with regard to the Hillary Clinton e-mail server. In other words, this article was written by a die hard Clinton supporter. With regard to those subjects the author is either willfully oblivious or hopelessly  delusional.

That is what makes it so devastating.  Even with the obvious bias against Trump and for the Clintons it documents exactly why he was elected and why we need(ed) someone like him to drain the swamp.  This is a complete rebuke of what used to be the most respected law enforcement agency in the world.  If you add in the parts the author ignored, like the coverup of all things Clinton and the abuse of power in a failed attempt to destroy Donald Trump, then it is hard to imagine the FBI even surviving.
What is the point of giving so much power to an agency that has not only failed to perform its mission, it may have engaged in criminal behavior in a failed plot to overturn the results of an election.  It really doesn’t get worse than this.  The only thing we know for sure right now is that the FBI cannot be trusted to do anything.

Several congressional committees have threatened to impeach Rod Rosenstein for failure to turn over documents congress as required.  Donald Trump wrote that he may be required to intervene.  He has the authority to declassify any document and order the FBI to deliver them to congress.  After reading this report, that looks like a really good idea.



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