President Trump had hired a new lawyer. The New York Times assumes this is because Mueller is closing in on Trump. Of course the New York Times is famous for getting just about everything wrong. The reality is that the Mueller investigation is bogged down. The leaked questions prove that after all this time Mueller has zero, nada, bumpkis. He isn’t even attempting to prove collusion. So now he is trying to get Trump to say something that shows in his heart of hearts Trump was trying to obstruct justice. This is absurd. Mueller’s primary witness would have to be James Comey who has less credibility than a three dollar bill. The real message here is that Trump has hired an attorney who is famous for not playing nice with Special Counsels. He was a minor part of Bill Clinton’s legal staff during the impeachment trial but a major figure for both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Although Clinton was impeached, the Special Counsel never even attempted to charge either Bush or Cheney with anything.

I think Emmet Flood was hired to tell Mueller to shove it. If the New York Times thinks Flood is going to let Trump be interviewed by Mueller they haven’t done their homework. Flood is an expert on executive privilege. Patrick Fitzgerald was desperate to get Dick Cheney. All he got was a meaningless conviction of Gordon Libby. That was so pathetic that the Washington Bar reinstated his law license even though he technically had a felony. Contrast that with Bill Clinton who had his law license permanently revoked.

I think Mueller was bluffing and Trump just called his bluff. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Emmet Flood file to dismantle the Special Counsel because it was illegally authorized based on patently false documents. Flood will have the advantage in that, unlike Mueller, he actually has facts to support his position. Mueller’s case has been severely damaged by Comey admitting publicly that he leaked information to the press (illegally) because he wanted a Special Counsel appointed.

It is long past time for this to end. I really think Democrats are playing with fire here. Donald Trump is literally trying to prevent a nuclear war with North Korea, something few thought remotely possible a few months ago. Threatening him with subpoenas about something created out of whole cloth by the Clinton campaign is putting politics ahead of national security. That should be increasingly obvious even to Democrats.



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