James Comey has apparently hired Patrick Fitzgerald as legal counsel.  That probably seemed like a good idea at the time, because Patrick Fitzgerald was the special prosecutor who investigated the Bush administration.  However, there may be serious legal problems for both Comey and Fitzgerald because of this decision.  The conflict of interest literally jumps off the page.

It turns out Patrick Fitzgerald was allegedly given the memos regarding Comey’s conversations with Donald Trump as the same time Comey leaked them to his friend, DanieL Richardson who leaked contents with the media.  There may have been a third person provided with these documents.

Comey is the one who hired Patrick Fitzgerald as Special Counsel.  Fitzgerald is the prosecutor who charged Scooter Libby with a felony for allegedly obstructing justice with regard to Valerie Plame. Judith Miller, who testified against Libby, later recanted her testimony. Miller believes she was tricked into giving false testimony. Miller never wrote a story about her conversation with Libby.  Fitzgerald pumped her about something in her notes where she said (“wife works in Bureau”)  Fitzgerald convinced her that Libby had to be talking about the CIA.  But she eventually realized that Libby was more likely talking about Plame’s job at the State Department. She also realized, later, that a lot of people knew that Valerie Plame was not an undercover operative for the CIA. She openly celebrated when Trump pardoned Libby.

It gets worse.  E-mails from Strzok and Page refer to “Pat” as part of their inner circle and many people believe they were talking about Patrick Fitzgerald.

I used to play golf with an attorney who specialized in defending drunk drivers.  I remember one day he was obviously distracted by a case.  He said: ‘I am doing my best for my client but I just have bad facts!”



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