While the James Comey interview was playing on ABC, Steve Hilton was literally conducting a mock trial of James Comey. The trail was mostly a replay of what has been shown on Fox News for months. But there was a difference. This time there were two attorneys who were arguing on behalf of Comey.

If you were hoping to see a devastating case for the conviction of James Comey, you were probably disappointed. But the results were significant. No one, including the people arguing to defend Comey, could say that he did the right thing. Even Democrats don’t argue that Comey did the right thing. Instead his defenders argued that his actions did not rise to the level of criminality and in doing so they made a stunning argument. Comey is not guilty of a crime because he was doing what Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama wanted him to do.

That is the real problem with the Comey story. If he convinces people that he truly is the self-righteous choir boy he pretends to be, then the fickle finger of fate points directly at Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama. While Comey clearly hates Trump, he didn’t accuse Trump of doing anything wrong. While he praised Obama, his praise was a strong condemnation. This is because clearly Comey was ready, willing and able to do anything Obama wanted, but he openly resisted direction from Donald Trump. Since what Comey did was indisputably wrong, this places the blame on Obama.

Comey also destroys his own credibility during a meeting with Dick Cheney:

There was a dispute regarding the legality of the surveillance program. Comey felt that only the opinion of “the very smart lawyers working for me” mattered. When Cheney told him: “thousands of people are going to die because of what you (“Comey”) are doing” Comey said he felt bad but he never considered changing his opinion. The program developed by President Bush had bi-partisan support because it was used solely to spy on suspected terrorists.  Under President Obama that program was used to spy on political opponents.  Comey was a willing participant in abuse of this program. If Comey wanted to do the right thing, he should have offered Cheney suggestions on how to do this legally. If he wanted to do the right thing he should stood up to the abuse of power by Obama.  Why didn’t Saint Comey stand up to Barack Obama?

I doubt that this interview will play well with anyone. Liberals will be very disappointed that Comey has no bombshell news about Donald Trump.  Conservatives will be disgusted with the self-righteous sanctimonious bitching by a, thankfully, former FBI Director who didn’t like the President’s personality.

ABC’s 5 takeaways by Meghan Keneally are very bad, but not for Donald Trump:

  1. Rosenstein viewed as “dishonorable.”
  2. Sessions seen as “overmatched.”
  3. Obama’s comments about Clinton’s emails were “inappropriate.”
  4. Comey would be fine with Kelly quitting now
  5. Talk of Obstruction of Justice.

Comey doesn’t even accuse Trump of obstruction he merely said this could possibly be viewed as obstruction. Perhaps the best description of this interview was by Meghan Keneally on her twitter account:

“Watching an interview go off the rails in real time.”

Seems accurate. Once liberals get done rejoicing at the way Comey trashed Trump they will realize this interview was a total disaster. He shredded his own credibility, he never laid a glove on Trump and in his haste to make himself look good he threw Obama, Lynch and Rosenstein under the bus.


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