The main stream media still loves Obama, but even they realize he is not up to the job.  They have finally been forced to realize that Obama’s economic policies are an unmitigated disaster.  The following article provides the video and the transcript from ABC’s this week.

The following dialogue by Christiane Amanpour and Donna Brazile is nothing short of a political earthquake:

BRAZILE: The Bush tax cuts are unaffordable. We cannot simply afford another $700 billion in debt that — and there’s no evidence that the Bush tax cuts will create jobs.

AMANPOUR: But there are some who are saying that perhaps that might happen…

BRAZILE: Well, I don’t…

AMANPOUR: … that the Democrats are under some pressure to maybe — maybe keep them on.

Brazile starts with the standard Democratic spin argument that all of economic problems were caused by the Iraq war and the Bush tax cuts.  But note that even a hardcore Bush hating liberal like Amanpour cannot take it any more and she weakly admits that extending the Bush tax cuts might create jobs.  Wow!  What’s more, it is obvious that a lot of people in the media and the liberal left have reached the same conclusion.   They have finally admitted, if only to themselves, that the Bush tax cuts resulted in the fastest recovery from a recession in our nation’s history and contrary to Democratic spin, these tax cuts did create millions of jobs.  She also admitted that even Democrats in congress are being pressured to keep them on.  It is going to be very hard for Democrats to argue that Bush caused our economic problems when the only solution agreed upon by both parties is that his tax cuts offer the best solution for our current problems.

Also note that the new economic model is Germany, which adopted tax cuts and spending cuts.  There are few things more effective than turning on a light bulb in a dark room.  If nothing else the complete collapse of Obama’s economic program has forced at least some in the liberal left to let in the bright light of economic reality.  Will miracles never cease?

Finally, two pictures.  One of Obama on a bike.The other of Bush on a bike.  Bush was probably the most athletic President we ever had.  Obama is a limp wristed wimp.