It turns out that Jeff Sessions has been working overtime to drain the DOJ swamp.  The following letter is almost certain to result in a whole lot of people lawyering up:


Sessions didn’t appoint a Special Counsel because he didn’t want to politicize this and because a Special Counsel would operate in D.C.  Instead, several months ago, Sessions appointed an experienced DOJ prosecutor in Utah to investigate.  Does anyone need help in understanding the difference between a grand jury in Utah and one in Washington, D.C.?  This prosecutor has been working for months with the assistance of the IG.  There have been no leaks of any kind from this operation, in fact no one even leaked the name of the prosecutor in charge.  Hysterically the MSM thought this investigation was being run of out Little Rock, Arkansas.  The fact that Sessions is revealing that name now is indicative that much of the investigation is already complete.

Has anyone notice that the MSM has become “Schiff less” for quite a while.  Adam Schiff, who used to be on the air spouting nonsense with his wild-eyed appearances appears to have been gone silent.  The last time he was on the air he meekly admitted that the termination of Andrew McCabe may have been substantiated.  Eric Holder, by the way, said the same thing.  What both were upset about is that “they” didn’t know the facts.  Now we know why they didn’t know the facts.  There is and was a serious investigation by someone who has access to all the underlying documentation and access to a secret grand jury in the most conservative state in the Union.  Utah is as far away from Washington, D.C. as one can get and remain in the United States of American.

At some point, sooner than you think, Mr. Huber and Mr. Horowitz are going to go public and unless all the known facts are wrong, this will be beyond explosive.  It will also be nearly impossible for the Democratic spin machine to distract from the findings because Sessions deliberately kept congress out of the loop:

“We view Congress as partners in this effort.  However, the law requires that much of the work we are doing to accomplish these goals remain confidential to ensure full and fair process and just outcomes.  In that regard, as you know, the Department of Justice cannot provide continuous updates on ongoing investigations, or confirm or deny the existence thereof.  This is integral to our duty to adhere to the highest ethical standards, and to ensure that prosecutorial and investigative decisions are made without political bias or favoritism-in either direction.”

We will soon know the significance of this by how people respond.  Odds are that both Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy will express approval for this development.  People like Adam Schiff and Eric Holder are likely to say absolutely nothing, which will speak volumes.


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