Donald Trump fired Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Secretary David Shulkin.  The stated reason was a European trip Shulkin took, at Taxpayer expense that apparently included Wimbledon tickets.  Shur, the attorney for Shulkin, says the European trip was “immensely valuable to the VA.”  Only a skilled attorney could say that with a straight face.

Shulkin was the last hold-over from the Obama administration and his public comments today show that the decision to fire him was long overdue.

Shulkin was committed to maintaining the current model where the VA builds massive facilities and handles everything in-house with VA unionized employees.  To him the worst case scenario would be a successful privatization program that results in decisions to close or downsize existing VA hospitals or clinics.  Bingo. This has nothing to do with taking care of veterans; it has everything to do with taking care of the massive VA infrastructure and bureaucracy.

My only question is:  “President Trump, what took you so long?”

Mr. Shulkin failed to understand something really important.  He reports to the President of the United States, not vice versa.  While he can and should give his opinion, it is his duty to implement the Presidents’ agenda.  It is the President, not the Director of the VA or any other agency that was elected to do the people’s will.  It is long past time we removed these entrenched bureaucrats who think they and they alone are entitled to make decisions for the rest of us.

The good news is that Trump is a quick learner, he is bringing in his own team and he is working diligently to drain the swamp.  Whenever one drains a swamp the result is always uncovering some really ugly things and the overwhelming stench of corruption.  But compared to the status quote, that stench is a beautiful thing.


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