President Trump is threatening to veto the omnibus spending bill.  He should do that for a lot of reasons.  One is that over 100 Republicans in the House voted against that bill.  Clearly this is, another, case where RINO Republicans caved to Democrats.  They were unwilling to fight, so they just gave the Democrats everything they wanted.  This is a classic example of rewarding people for bad behavior.  Democrats are literally gloating.

I believe that if Trump vetoes this bill he will get strong support from the public.  Contrary to what Schumer believes, the blame for the government shutdown will fall squarely on Democrats.  They are the ones who loaded this up with pork while ignoring the border wall.  If Trump accepts this, there is zero chance he will achieve much of his agenda.  In addition, conservatives will be furious over the funding of the New York tunnel, the funding of Planned Parenthood, the funding of immigration reform and the failure to fund the border wall.  If this bill becomes law, the Republicans are probably guaranteed to lose big time in the midterm election.  Many Republicans will view this the same way I view it.  Why bother voting for Republicans who promise to act responsibly, who promise to stand up for our values and who end up voting like Democrats.  If that happens Democrats will probably try to impeach Trump.  At a minimum, they will make it nearly impossible for him to govern.

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