There are few stories more intriguing than the unexplained murder of Seth Rich. The following article is very interesting:

The main stream media has shown zero interest in this story.  Part of the problem is that the MSM wants to believe that Russia hacked the DNC server.If the DNC e-mails were provided to WikiLeaks by Seth Rich, than the entire Russia collusion narrative looks like a naïve fairy tale.

Although the MSM allegedly believes the intelligence community investigated this and proved that Russia hacked the DNC server that is not accurate. The DNC server was never subject to a forensic evaluation by the FBI or the NSA.  The only analysis was done by CrowdStrike, which was retained by the DNC.

Guccifer actually claimed responsibility for hacking the DNC servers. He also said it was such an easy hack that lot’s of other people did the same thing.  If the rumors that John Podesta’s password was “password” that is pretty easy to believe.

Note the parsed response from CrowdStrike to this allegation.

“CrowdStrike stands fully by its analysis and findings identifying two separate Russian intelligence-affiliated adversaries present in the DNC network in May 2016. On June 15, 2016 a blog post to a WordPress site authored by an individual using the moniker Guccifer 2.0 claiming credit for breaching the Democratic National Committee. This blog post presents documents alleged to have originated from the DNC.

“Whether or not this posting is part of a Russian Intelligence disinformation campaign, we are exploring the documents’ authenticity and origin. Regardless, these claims do nothing to lessen our findings relating to the Russian government’s involvement, portions of which we have documented for the public and the greater security community.”

CrowdStrike did not deny that the DNC servers were hacked by Guccifer. Other qualified experts who reviewed the documentation supplied by CrowdStrike gave an opinion that the files were downloaded to a flash drive or a portable hard drive.  That makes sense.  Anyone who has ever downloaded a large file from the internet knows this can take a long time.  Downloading thousands of e-mails over the internet seems highly unlikely, unless you are a reporter for CNN.

We don’t know why Seth Rich’s parents are opposed to having their son’s murder investigated but this reminded me of a personal experience many years ago.  A friend of mine was a sales representative for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. He discovered that he could visit local Teamster union operations and quote them health insurance coverage with significant savings.  One day he got a friendly visit from two nice gentlemen who thought he might like to know that he was taking business away from an insurance agency owned by Jimmy Hoffa’s wife.  They did not threaten him, but he got the message and never called on another Teamsters union.

The only thing certain is that the main stream media has zero interest in this story, or any other story that has the potential to be damaging to the Clintons.  On the other hand, there is no negative story about Donald Trump that they will not rush to publish without regard to actual facts.  If the facts were slightly different and Seth Rich was a Republican with connections to the RNC, this story would be front page on every newspaper and the lead story on every news broadcast.  Sadly, no one in the MSM seems to give any consideration to the damage they are doing to their own credibility.  They show even less interest in doing the right thing with regard to the murder of Seth Rich.


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