When I was in the service, I had a very high security clearance.  Even to this day, I never discuss highly classified information.  Neither does anyone else who really knows.  It is quite simple.  The really important stuff is handled by people who are trained to keep secrets and these things almost never leak.  The thing that continues to impress me is how little really classified information is ever leaked.  Most of the “leaks” come from people who don’t actually have access to the facts.

The principle that is followed is quite simple: “need to know.”  Even if someone has the right security clearance, they are not automatically granted access to information.  In addition to having the proper clearance they must have a “need to know” this information.  None of the people I worked with would ever have considered any news source to fit the requirements of a need to know.

The reason I mention this is that recent reports indicate that the FBI has a special team investigating the Clinton Foundation. Attorney General Jeff Session acknowledged this.  There are some further details in the report by Sara Carter:

All we really know is that the FBI interviewed this informant.  We don’t know what he was asked and we don’t know what was said.  No one really involved in this investigation is likely to leak anything.  Even the attorney representing William Campbell did not discuss her client’s testimony; she just refuted the defamatory leaks about her client from Democrats who participated in congressional hearings:

“The Democratic memorandum “falsely accuses Mr. Campbell of criminal conduct, alleging that he had taken “kickbacks from [the Russian] firm before he was authorized to do so,” Toensing stated.

“Mr. Campbell never took one kickback, not a one,” she added. “He paid for the kickbacks, under FBI direction, out of the salary he received.  In fact, these payments, totaling about $500,000, were the bases for his requesting repayment from the government.”

I will add that I am personally familiar with how the FBI works with confidential informants and if Mr. Campbell paid for kickbacks under FBI direction this is certain to be well documented.

The fact that you do not know what questions were asked and that there have been no leaks is evidence that this is a serious criminal investigation being handled by professionals.  That makes this very dangerous.  Don’t expect any leaks from this investigation.  The real professional never leak.  The first public release of information is likely to be a news conference to announce criminal indictments.  The less you hear the more likely this is a real investigation.



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