The only thing we know for sure is that Stormy Weather is a liar; we just don’t know if she was lying before she signed the non-disclosure letter, she was lying after she signed the non-disclosure letter or she is lying now. Odds are that to some extent she was lying in all three cases.

Based on what we know about Donald Trump, it would hardly be a surprise if he had an affair with this woman. Trump was rather famous for this and she clearly was a willing participant. The real issue is why this is even being reported. The main stream media totally ignored the “private” activities of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton. They totally ignored any hint of a sex scandal involving Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The stories are out there, and whether they are true or not they are definitely ignored by the MSM. The MSM only cares about a persons’ personal sex life if the person is a conservative Republican. That does not excuse Trump’s philandering it just puts the media coverage in perspective.

I was watching Fox News one night when Rudy Guiliani was running against Hillary Clinton for the United States Senate.  Brett Hume pointed out that the media was discussing Rudy Guiliani’s sex life, shouldn’t they also be reporting on that fact they all knew Hillary Clinton was a lesbian.  He said Hillary was as “dykey” as they come.  No one argued that Hume was wrong, but they quickly said:  “no, that is not the same thing.”   They then quickly changed the subject. I am sure that the video tape of that panel discussion has long been buried.

The only reason the MSM is covering this story is that they absolutely hate Trump so much that they will publish any story that has the potential to harm him. The liberal left loves to report sex scandals on Republicans because they believe this creates political advantage. They believe that voters who agree with Trump with regard to his policies decisions will desert him because of his salacious personal life. What they fail to understand is that none of this is a surprise to the people who voted for Trump. No one paying attention thought Trump was a choir boy. They just know that the people running against him have done the same or worse. They also know that while Trump should hardly be elevated as a Christian role model, the people running against him are often openly hostile to Christianity.

There are no perfect people in this world. None of us are perfect and people who think they are perfect are often the worst offenders. In my opinion the worst sin of all is self-righteousness. Something the liberal left practices on a daily basis yet is totally incapable of recognizing in themselves.

One other thing. Regardless of what did or did not happen Stormy Weather is not worth one second of airtime. Why on earth should any of us care about a porn star’s version of morality?  The most unethical thing Donald Trump could have done is lose to Hillary Clinton.


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