It is routine for partisan calls to appoint a special counsel.  These are usually ignored.  Several people have requested a special counsel to investigate the abuse of the FISA warrants.  Those were also ignored.  Attorney General Sessions referred the matter to the inspector general.  That all changed this morning when Sessions reported he is considering appointing a special counsel:

What changed was that Trey Gowdy is the one requesting a special counsel and he included legal reasons why this is required.  Gowdy pointed out, correctly, that this investigation cannot be conducted by the Inspector General because it will require interviews of people who are not associated with the DOJ and the DOJ cannot do this because it cannot investigate itself.  Trey Gowdy has high credibility because he has been reluctant to request a special counsel and he has always supported Robert Mueller.  I believe that Sessions is already looking for the special counsel and that an appointment is imminent.

Robert Mueller was appointed to look at Russian interference in the election.  This one will look into the FBI handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, the Clinton Foundation’s role with regard to Uranium One and the alleged abuse of a FISA warrant.  This will be much broader in scope than the Mueller investigation.  This has the potential to be earth shattering because unlike the mythical Russia collusion unicorn we already know that many of these things happened and that there is a mountain of documentation.

Sessions handled this in a way that makes it difficult if not impossible for the liberal left to dismiss this as a partisan witch hunt.  We are headed toward a whole new world and the results are likely to be monumental.  If any of the reporting by Sara Carter and John Solomon is accurate, a lot of people, including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and many more should be lawyering up.  Expect the liberal left to fight back with even more outrageous allegations against Donald Trump.  However, if a special counsel is appointed, that tactic will have little if any impact on the investigation.  It is a lot harder to sell a snow job to a special counsel than it is to CNN.

If a special counsel is appointed, the most important impact will be that the MSM.  They will be compelled to investigate and report on this and that is likely to be devastating for all those involved.  In many ways this is like the Weinstein fiasco where everyone ignored the obvious problem for years until they were finally forced to admit that it mattered.  The main stream media switched from defense mode to attack mode within hours.

A word of caution; any thorough investigation is extremely likely to uncover other misconduct by people not currently on anyone’s radar.  Expect surprises.  In a situation like this there are likely to be casualties on both sides.


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