We now know that thirteen Russian nationals tried to mess with our 2016 election.  They did try to help Donald Trump, although as soon as he was elected, they turned on him.  We know what happened.  The question is, will we learn the right lessons from history.

Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 billion trying to win the election.  She had complete control of the DNC.  She also had total support from the Obama administration that possibly included the DOJ and the FBI.  She had fawning support by the main stream media “MSM”).

Donald Trump, was a political newcomer repeatedly slammed by members of his own party.  The MSM hated him.  He spent less than half of what Hillary Clinton spent.  An audio tape showing him making extremely rude and outrageous comments was widely published by the MSM.  Even former President George W. Bush could not bring himself to vote for this man!

So how did he win?  If the latest liberal theory is accurate, the election was won by 13 obscure Russian men working online in their underwear from Kiev, or wherever.  They organized mass rallies sometimes drawing as many as 60 people.  It may seem ridiculous to some that this group could have determined the outcome of a U.S. election, but how else does one explain the results?

Then I realized something very important! If this latest theory is correct, then America truly dodged a bullet.  If the greatest woman in world history, with all that support was unable to protect the country against a vicious assault by 13 internet ghosts from Russia, how could we even hope that she would protect the country against anyone.



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