Rob Rosenstein delivered a death blow to the last shred of lame stream media credibility.  For the last year we have heard a stead chorus about the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  It turns out 13, yes that’s right folks a whopping 13, Russian nationals were trying to agitate people on social media.  They were trying to help Trump and hurt Hillary, at least part of the time, but there were other times they were anti-Trump.  They were mostly anti-American.  Ultimately, nothing they did appears to have had any impact.

Rosenstein said that NO U.S Citizen wittingly participated in these activities.  This means that all the time CNN was sure that Mueller was zeroing in on Donald Trump, he was actually investigating 13 Russian nationals, probably surfing the web in their pajamas.

They organized protests.  The “Heart of Texas” took place on May 21, 2016, under the banner of “Stop Islamization of Texas.”

On that same day, another Russian-controlled Facebook group, called United Muslims of America, publicized a competing rally to “Save Islamic Knowledge” at the same place and time.

This must have been a really significant event, because it was specifically mentioned in the article on MSN.com today:


I was curious, so I looked it up.  Turns out the Houston Chronicle reported on this massive event at the time:


An enormous crowd of 60 people showed up at the pro-Muslim event. A whopping crowd of 10 showed up at the Heart of Texas rally.  It is a miracle the country survived.  One has to ask whether liberals are six times more likely to believe nonsense than conservatives.  They are certainly six times more likely to show up in waving signs even though they had no clue with regard to who organized this.

CNN had a panel today and they were absolutely flailing.  One even said that Trump campaign officials could still have been colluding with Americans.  Duh..they call that campaigning.  They were desperately trying and failing to convince themselves that Mueller is investigating: “something.”  One even mentioned obstruction of justice.  What do they think Trump was trying to obstruct, the investigation of 13 nerdy Russians?

The CNN panel looked like Alan Rippon in his famous interview during the Olympics.  He was asked what was going on in his mind while he was on the ice preparing to skate:

“I want to throw up.  I want to go over to the judges and say, can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink?” 


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