The media has been pounding the Rob Porter story for over a week.  Mr. Porter was accused of spousal abuse.  It appears that the FBI told the White House about this as early as last summer, but nothing was done until recently.  Liberals are howling with outrage that someone like this had a security clearance.  They are screaming about the importance of vetting people before they are given access to classified information.  They are right about this, but they are forgetting something vital.  They ignored this issue during the entire Obama administration.


Ben Rhodes wasn’t even granted interim security clearance during Obama’s transition.  It is not clear he ever did get a security clearance.  He is the advisor who helped the Obama administration mislead the American public about the Iran Nuclear deal.  The main stream media showed little interest then and even less interest now.


Huma Abedin is a classic example of someone who should not have been given a security clearance.  The press did not care.  No one appears to have ever seen her Standard Form 86.  It is quite simple.  If Huma Abedin told the truth about her family, she should have been denied a security clearance.  If she did not tell the truth about her family, she should have been denied a security clearance.  Now we know that Huma Abedin was, at best, even more extremely careless with national security than her boss Hillary Clinton.  She put highly classified e-mail on her pervert husband’s laptop.  The same laptop seen by a sex worker Anthony Weiner seemed to hire whenever Huma was out of town.

If we really start investigating security clearances, then the problems with Rob Porter pale in comparison to the serious disregard for this during the Obama administration.  Yes, we should ask why he was given a security clearance.  We should make sure that rules are followed before we give classified information to people who may represent a risk to national security.  If this does happen, this may result in the most destructive boomerang of all for liberal democrats.




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