On March 30, 2017 James Comey testified before congress. He was asked why he didn’t brief congress on the Russia counterintelligence operation for several months.


Comey was asked who made the decision to not tell congress. He said it was by the head of counterintelligence. That would be E.W. Bill Priestap, FBI Director of Counterintelligence. It looked like Comey was throwing Priestap under the bus. Perhaps Priestap figured that out, because it now looks like he has been working with congressional investigators.

Devin Nunes specifically mentioned Bill Priestap in his memo. Last night, on Judge Jeanine, Congressman Chris Stewart seemed to confirm that Priestap was “cooperating.

The Conservative Tree House discussed this in the following article:


If Priestap is cooperating, then this investigation just entered a very dangerous stage. There is the old story about the business owner who hired a plumber to fix his boiler. The plumber arrived, drilled one hole and then charged the business owner $200. The owner was outraged: “All you did was drill one hole, why would I owe you $200?” The plumber responded: “I only charged you $20 to drill the hole, I charged you $180 for knowing where to drill the hole.

The Republicans have tons of documented, emails and text messages. It would take them forever and a day to search through this mountain of information for the one or two things that matter. But, if someone like Bill Priestap was telling them where to drill, that would change everything. Perhaps, just perhaps, Bill Priestap saw the bus headed straight for him and he wisely decided to become the bus driver instead.

We can all remember other criminal conspiracies that were exposed because of one inside source. Boss Tweed, who ran Tammany Hall in New York City was exposed when his regular accountant, James Watson was kicked in the head by a horse during a sleighing accident. When he died the job given to the Matthew J. O’Rourke, who was a secret operative for Tweed rival Sheriff James O’Brien.  The Boss Tweed network, that had seem invincible, disappeared at the speed of light.

Right now, I’d bet on the bus driver.


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