Yesterday the FBI informant agent on Uranium One testified for the first time.  It does not appear that anyone other than Fox News noticed.  He testified in front of three Congressional committees, the Senate Judiciary, House Oversight and House Intelligence.  Sara Carter reported on this.  Her source is impeccable, it is the attorney for Mr. Campbell:

“He recounted numerous times that the Russians bragged that the Clintons’ influence in the Obama administration would ensure CIFIUS approval for Uranium One. And he was right.

The immediate problem is that this looks and smells like the truth.  It is hard to imagine Russia giving all those millions to the Clinton Foundation and paying Bill Clinton $500,000 for one speech if they did not believe this.  Since the deal was approved it is hard to argue they were wrong.

The significance of this is earthshattering.  It is hard to describe this as other than treason.  How, exactly, could one do more damage to our national security than to help Russia secure our Uranium under false pretenses?  If the reports are accurate it is worst than that.  This uranium may have been sold to Iran to help them develop nuclear weapons they promise to use against us.

That begs the question: “what would it take for the main stream media to bother reporting on this?”

Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Sessions are engaged in criminal investigations that are likely to result in result in indictments, trials and likely imprisonment.

We always knew the main stream media was hopelessly biased.  Now we’re confronted with the reality that their bias may be exceeded by their incompetence.  They are literally blind to the obvious.

Fox News was delivering bombshell reports every Friday.  Now they seem to happen every day.  The Main stream media has no news at all so it re-runs old discredited stories and pretends they are breaking news.  Things are starting to move faster and faster.  It is only a matter of time before the next news report is of someone being frog marched out of the room after being served with an indictment.  At that point even, the main stream media will notice, but it will be far too late.


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