The following article explains the significance of a FBI 302 Interview memo:

Official DOJ policy is to not record witness interviews.  Seriously?  At a time when almost every police car has a dash cam and many officers are wearing body cams the FBI is relying on hand written notes and selective memory.  That is absurd.

Now combine that with hints that the FBI may have deliberately altered a 302:

September 20, 2016.

Peter Strzok: “thing is, there are VERY inflammatory things in the 302s we didn’t turn over to Congress (because they were relevant to understanding the focus of the investigation) that are going to come out in the FOIA and absolutely inflame congress. I’m sure Jim and Trisha and Dave and Mike are all considering things like that play out as they talk among themselves.”  

It gets worse.  It turns out the FISA warrant against Carter Page was a Title 1 FISA warrant.

 To spy on Americans through a FISA court, the FBI must show the target is an “agent of a foreign power,” not merely in contact with a foreign power. The law makes it difficult to show someone is an “agent of a foreign power” to make sure it is not misused to spy on Americans.

The law does not allow the FBI to call an American an “agent of a foreign power” unless they can show the person “knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power” AND the nature of their activity is criminalized.

If it is true that the FBI deliberately filed false information to get a Title 1 FISA Warrant and they may have deliberately redacted a 302, this could have a significant impact on a lot of cases.  In 2010 the SFPD Crime Lab had to be shut down because one employee went rogue and compromised the lab:

“It’s real hard to build a good reputation and it’s very easy to destroy it,” said Ralph Keaton, executive director of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. “And it takes even longer to rebuild it.”

The fallout from San Francisco’s lab scandal is still unfolding and experts say it could take years to clean up, especially if authorities fail to establish which criminal cases were compromised.

By the way this all happened on Kamala Harris’s watch when she was District Attorney for San Francisco.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris‘ office violated defendants’ rights by hiding damaging information about a police drug lab technician and was indifferent to demands that it account for its failings, a judge declared Thursday

No wonder the FBI desperately tried to suppress the Nunes FISA memo.

Predictably the main stream media is either oblivious to the obvious or they simply do not care.  They should care.  We should all care.  Remember this all started when Devin Nunes reported that our intelligence agencies were unmasking intelligence reports on U.S. citizens.  A Title 1 warrant would allow surveillance of anyone who had any contact with Carter Page.  Since he was a minor member of the Trump campaign, this may have been used to authorize surveillance on the entire campaign staff.

This explains why Devin Nunes spent so much time on one FISA warrant.  It is why Democrats are so desperate to discredit him.  If Hillary Clinton had been elected President, we would know none of this.  This is all going to come out, sooner rather than later because for the first time the main stream media is admitting something is important.  Even their attempts to discredit the memo are very dangerous for those involved because Democrats cannot survive a real investigation.  At some point the truth will become obvious even to those currently trying desperately to ignore it.


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