Hoảng Loạn

Panic did not seem to be a strong enough word to describe the liberal left today.  So, I used a Vietnamese word that is more exact.  Hoảng means panic-stricken -frightened out of one’s wits. Loạn means to be in disorder and confused.  Translated, liberals are scared Schiffless and making huge mistakes.

Devin Nunes wrote a memo.  Republicans who have seen it describe it as a bombshell.  Previously liberals and the main stream media just ignored facts that didn’t fit the narrative.  James Comey said Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” regarding classified information.  The MSM just yawned.  Hillary’s campaign paid for the Russia Dossier.  So what?  Russia contributed millions to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech just prior to the Uranium One deal.  Why would anyone consider this evidence of collusion between Russia and Hillary Clinton?  No one disputed any of these, they just decided it didn’t matter.

That is what I expected this time.  I thought Nunes would release his memo, the MSM would yawn and ask: “is this all there is?” So what if the FBI tried to stop Trump from becoming President?  Liberals would consider that an act of patriotism.

This time, however, they switched gears.  They, actually Adam Schiff, decided this Nunes memo is so terrible it must never be seen by the American Public.  Schiff is engaged in a desperate Don Quixote type campaign to block you and anyone else from seeing this memo.  He fears this more than the black plague.  He tried desperately to prevent the intelligence committee from even seeing the docs used to write this memo.  He clearly was caught off guard. That is because Nunes set up a Republican only team to review the evidence Schiff wanted to ignore.  Nunes learned the hard way that he could not trust democrats on the Intelligence Committee and he sure couldn’t trust Adam Schiff.  Based on the way Schiff is acting now, Nunes was obviously right about that.

The problem is that Schiff’s Shtick struck out.  While CNN, and the rest of the MSM bought this hook, line and sinker, the people who matter didn’t.  If anything, the clear panic now on display only encourages the Trump administration to make this memo public.  It does more than that.  It puts the MSM in a position where they cannot just ignore this.  They can, and will, try to discredit it, but they can’t ignore it.  Hence the problem.  If there is anything close to a serious investigation regarding weaponization of the FBI and our intelligence agencies for political purposes; then a mountain of incriminating information is likely to surface.  This just may be accompanied by a MSM feeding frenzy we haven’t seen in years.  A lot of FBI agents you never heard of will become whistleblowing media stars.  The MSM will experience unprecedented embarrassment that they have bought and reported on so many patently absurd allegations.  They are likely to respond with absolute fury.  This could get very ugly. Or, if you’re like me, this may turn out to be a beautiful thing.


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