Democrats may have arrogantly stumbled into a major mistake that could have devastating consequences. It is clear, to anyone with an ounce of objectivity, that Democrats tried to use the threat of a government shutdown to intimidate Republicans into signing off on DACA. Even the main stream media has figured that out. That is a brilliant idea, if it works, but it is a major blunder if it doesn’t.

If Republicans fold, Democrats will pull the same stunt at regular intervals until they pass every single coveted piece of radical leftist legislation. But, if Republicans stay the course and Democrats fold, they are the ones who will win a major victory.

The usual suspect RINO Republicans tried, once again, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But this time things are different. Predictably several RINOs voted against the Continuing Resolution, but five Democrats crossed party lines and voted for it. That is clear evidence that Schumer’s control of Democrats in the Senate is slipping. RINO are no longer is control of the Republican party and Schumer is losing control of Democrats in the senate. Most importantly, Donald Trump is President of the United States and it is not easy to intimidate Trump.

McConnell says he will not pass any bill unless he has assurance that Trump will sign it. Trump says he will not sign a bill unless it is approved by Tom Cotton. Trump has publicly said there will be no negotiation on DACA until a clean Continuing Resolution is passed. If that doesn’t change, Democrats are in serious trouble.

I just got off the phone with a survey conducted by the DCCC. The questions were carefully designed to encourage people to blame Republicans for the shutdown. But, the survey itself is evidence that the DNC is terrified. They probably didn’t like my answers.

This was an unforced error. Anyone who watched the televised negotiation between Trump and a bi-partisan ground of legislatures realized that Trump was ready to sign a deal including DACA, increased border security including construction of a wall and an end to chain migration. He was even willing to negotiate on comprehensive immigration reform. During the public meeting, Democrats appeared to be equally wiling to negotiate on this. However, shortly after the public meeting, negotiations full apart as soon as the television cameras were turned off. Dick Durbin leaked alleged comments by Trump and literally accused him of being a racist. If Durbin thought this would intimidate Donald Trump into making a deal it was a major miscalculation. As pointed out earlier, Trump is not that easy to intimidate. He denied the allegations and declared that he was no longer willing to negotiate with Democrats because they cannot be trusted.

This could get even worse for Democrats. A four-page classified memo documenting abuse of FISA has now been seen by 180 Republicans. So far, all of them have expressed shock and outrage at what they saw. We can expect the House Intelligence Committee to vote to release this memo to the public. Unless Donald Trump objects, which is unlikely, that is likely to be released next Friday.

Devin Nunes was given evidence of this last March. But he did not leak details to the press, instead he waited for the results of at least four investigations. For months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy District Attorney Rod Rosenstein have repeatedly referred to ongoing investigations and have promised to take appropriate actions when they were complete. They were hammered by conservatives who were demanding immediate action. Several called for Jeff Sessions to resign. My guess is that Sessions, Wray and Rosenstein were all equally outraged. But, they were not looking for a short term political score, they were working toward indictments and prosecution.

It is very simple. If Republicans are right about this memo, the American people will also be shocked and outraged, and they will demand answers. If they are wrong, then it will be Republicans who have made a huge blunder. We will soon know.


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