On July 8, 2010 I wrote a blog entitled: “RED SPY IN THE MORNING.” The United States had captured ten Russian spies after years of investigation. All ten spies plead guilty and were immediately swapped for four U.S. citizens imprisoned in Russia. This all happened at light speed and few people noticed. It seemed pretty bizarre to me, which is why I wrote my blog:


I wrote a follow-up article on July 27, 2010. This included an article posted in Accuracy in Media.


I had forgotten all about this until I watched a report by Dick Morris. He made reference to this and he connected it to the Uranium One deal.

One thing Morris definitely got right is that this all took place during the Uranium One deal. In June 2010, Bill Clinton gave a speech in Moscow for a $500,000 fee. The following article in gives a timeline of the Uranium One deal:

This seems impossible to believe. It is hard to imagine such blatant disregard for our National Security by a former President and a Secretary of State apparently with the cooperation of the Obama administration. Yet, there sure are a lot of interesting “coincidences” here. Numerous people are alleging that the FBI, the CIA, The NSA and possible other federal agencies appear to have been colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign to destroy her political opponents. If they are right, then Dick Morris sounds a lot more rational. I sincerely hope this is not true, because the implications of this are mind-numbing.

A lot of people thought that it would take a miracle for Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton. Perhaps it really was a miracle. Maybe this is just how God works. Horribly flawed people, with tremendous ability, seem to surface at just the right time to save the day. If one watched “Darkest Hour” it is hard to explain Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister in May 1940, other than as a result of divine intervention. No one, other than ordinary citizens, thought that Churchill, with his all too obvious idiosyncratic habits was remotely qualified to be Prime Minister of Britain. Yet he may literally have been the only person capable of standing up to both the British establishment and Adolph Hitler. Donald Trump’s flaws are more than obvious and few, other than ordinary citizens, thought he was a good choice to be President of the United States. Yet, he too may have been the only man really capable of beating Hillary Clinton and cleaning the swamp.


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