The House Intelligence committee is going to vote to de-classify the document summarizing the findings regarding the Trump dossier. Every Republican will vote yes. Every Democrat will vote no. Once that happens, the President of the United States has 5 days to say no. If he does not object, the memo becomes public. I doubt that Donald Trump will say no. Some credible people believe that this memo will result in loud demands for an abrupt end to the Mueller investigation. Many are predicting indictments of top officials, with the obvious candidates working for the FBI. Everyone who has seen the memo acts like they have found the Holy Grail.

If Trump says no, then the entire House must vote on the subject. Perhaps that is why the House Intelligence committee is showing this to every congressional representative, including every Democrat. Democrats would be committing political suicide if they vote against disclosing this document.

I think the only question at this time is how long Democrats will risk continuing to support the cover-up. Every minute they delay releasing this document the more damage, potentially permanent, to the Democratic Party. That only way that could be avoided at this point would be in Republicans have got this all wrong or Democrats have some bombshell smoking gun evidence no one knows about. At this point I don’t even think it would help if Democrats did have smoking gun evidence because it would be close to impossible to believe them.

What would make this even worse for Democrats is if they shut down the government so that 3.6 million illegal “DACA” people could instantly become citizens and vote to keep Democrats in power. I think they are totally misreading the American people on that subject. That is particularly true when Democrats simultaneously refuse to secure the border. Regardless of how one feels about the DACA people, if this passes without securing the border, people from all over the world will rush to our borders in a desperate attempt to somehow get their children across the line. That should be obvious to everyone. Europe is paying a terrible price for opening their borders to unscreened refugees. There is a report today that Italians in Italy are now a minority. Nice!

This week was FISA week for congress. Next week will be FISA week for the rest of us. Next week is very likely to be a week that rocks our world.


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